Layerise vs Evrythng

Layerise vs Evrythng

Here's why Evrythng customers are switching to Layerise

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  • Smart Assistant Create always active and smart Assistants
  • Rich experiencesBuild effective and content rich experiences
  • RegistrationEnable one-tap product registrations
  • MessageCommunicate and assist your customers
  • EnvironmentGo green and stop paper and ink pollution

The best products around the world use Layerise

Reason #1

Because you need more than a trackable product label

While both Evrythng and Layerise have tools to track and analyze product customer engagement, Layerise has quickly become superior. Layerise has customer product experience built into its DNA and is providing additional features to meet a 21-century customer experience. By adding a product assistant to your smart label, you're able to educate your customers and let them become power users of your product, whether it's food, consumer goods, or similar. Build a feedback-loop with product surveys and smart ratings to understand your customer's product satisfaction.

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Reason #2

Because you need more than just a simple page

The biggest reason brands are moving to Layerise from Evrythng is to meet the customer demand, building a simple product page for your customers doesn't meet this demand. Customers want solutions to engage with brands; they're expecting product contextual interactive content fitting their way of learning. Layerise provides a 360° post-sale suite to help you build the experiences that your customers want. With features like how-to videos, maintenance, warranty, smart guides, and chat, your customers are not left behind. Brands are rating Layerise as the best-in-class post-sale customer service tool, and it's used by +10.000 customers weekly.

360° Post-sale suite

Product Reminders

Product How-to guides

Customer insights

Post-sale Triggers

Smart localisation

Best-in-class authoring tool

Post-sale Marketing

Smart product registration

Customisable to your brand

Built-in Product chat

Reason #3

Because you need a post-sale powerhouse

Layerise is providing best-in-class post-sale features to brands. We empower you with features to always be able to provide high-level customer service and turn every mediocre sale into a good sale. By providing an end-to-end post-sale experience, you're able to build a strong brand that customers love. Furthermore, Layerise empowers you with smart marketing triggers to sell accessories and related products at the right time of the customer journey.

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Whether your product is a bike or a home appliance device the onboarding is crucial.
Layerise helps you design and build the experience your product needs.

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Reason #4

Because you also need a customer relation tool

Getting to know your customers and build a great relationship with them is crucial to any company in any industry. Layerise helps to build this bridge by empowering your product assistant with great experiences for customers, so they'll let you know who they are and what they bought. They'll let you know what they're missing from your product and what their overall satisfaction is. You will be able to not only engage with your customers through email and chat but also see their purchase history with you. These customer insights allow you to build campaigns and loyalty to an entirely new level.

Reason #5

Because product experiences doens't build it self

Become visible from scanning to repurchase. Start turning mediocre experience into a tesla-like experience. Get your product experience up to date and start building tomorrow's experiences with smart guides, video guides, chat, and intelligent editor elements. Build a stronger brand while educating your customers about your product offers.

Get a Product Assistant
Get a Product Assistant