Layerise vs Paligo

Layerise vs Paligo

Here's why Paligo customers are switching to Layerise

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  • Smart Assistant Create always active and smart Assistants
  • Rich experiencesBuild effective and content rich experiences
  • RegistrationEnable one-tap product registrations
  • MessageCommunicate and assist your customers
  • EnvironmentGo green and stop paper and ink pollution

The best products around the world use Layerise

Reason #1

Because you need a service that is complete

If you want fast, friendly, outstanding and data-driven product documentation experiences you should follow others and start using Layerise. If you want to make documentation that customers find helpful and remember, you should switch to Layerise. With the Layerise platform, we help you build effective and valuable content effectively and at scale. Instead of pushing you to hand off instructions as Paligo, we empower you to teach and support customers. Give your customers what they are looking for - a helping hand and a supporting companion.

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Reason #2

Because you need more than just an authoring tool

Paligo will make you write text, but providing a 360° post-sale experience requires more than just written documents. It requires an intuitive and smart solution, that is built with customer support and product experience in mind. Everything you need is made available in a single, powerful content and support interface, that enables you to be productive and manage customer product experience in real-time. Layerise Product Assistants help you provide personalised support when and where your customers need it, so they stay happy.

360° Post-sale suite

Product Reminders

Product How-to guides

Customer insights

Post-sale Triggers

Smart localisation

Best-in-class authoring tool

Post-sale Marketing

Smart product registration

Customisable to your brand

Built-in Product chat

Reason #3

Because XML is not the way to make your customers happy

With Layerise Product Assistants your products will get customer service superpowers. Compared to Paligo, not only will you be able to provide effective and easily consumable content, but you will also be armed with solutions to provide your customers unparallel customer service with solutions as product registration, contextual and product rich chat, occasional reminders with tips and to-does, plus installable product mobile/desktop applications and much more.

Engage your customers

Build the product experience
that your product needs

Whether your product is a bike or a home appliance device the onboarding is crucial.
Layerise helps you design and build the experience your product needs.

Unlock customer insights
Reason #4

Because you want to understand your customers

Using Paligo will not make you understand your customers' needs or their feedback. You will never understand their frustrations and will never hear from them. Don't write and publish documentation in a vacuum, learn what your customers need based on their behaviour patterns and understand what they think through satisfaction ratings. Establish full oversight on how your documentation is performing with Layerise analytics through performance reports and dashboards.

Reason #5

Because your content needs to be dynamic

With Layerise your product documentation will become dynamic, effortless, always available, smart and effective. Layerise equips you with data and clear insights so that you can track, adapt and enhance your customer post-sales experience. Applying old and outdated solutions provided by Paligo, to an increasingly more complex customer product experience requirements is setting your customers up for failure. Paligo wants you to think about XML and content distribution, Layerise gets your content to be where your customers are. We allow you to adapt your content dynamically to suit your customer's needs and your product changes.

Get a Product Assistant
Get a Product Assistant