Build and manage your product onboarding

Add, build and manage your onboarding content. Add instructions, change images, update videos or maintaine the FAQ on the fly.

Understand your content

We don't just focus on helping you build interactive product experiences. We focus on helping you build the right once. Our platform helps you see the big picture and lets you create the right experience for any segment.

Explain with interactivity

The Layerise platform let's you build onboarding stories by using images, video and interactive features.

Easily activate any change

You want to enhance a specific tip to specific target customers, no problem. Our platfrom allows you to do segmented updates on products and customer segment levels with ease.

Make product registration with one click

The Layerise platform makes it easy for your customers to register their products. No papers, no formulas and no need for all that manual hassle. One click is what it takes for your customers to connect to you.

Track adoption and satisfaction

We help you track product onboarding, adoption and satisfaction. With this unique insight our platform provide real-time suggestion.

Actionable customer information

Discover who buys your products, why and how. Our platform empowers you to find consumer patterns and turn information into actionable plans as marketing initiatives, product updates or maintainance tips and reminders.

Chat with your customers

The best way to make your customers happy is by talking to them when they need you. The Layerise chat provides a direct connection between you and your customer.

Share your content when needed

Drag and drop content directly into the chat. Whether you are communicating with the aim to help, activate or provide customer success service it easy to share any content with your customers.

Build and plan automatic communication activities

Do you care about your customer and want to give a personal onboarding experience. We got you covered. Our platfrom allows you to establish automatic communication activities.

Flexible and manufacturing friendly integration

Our platform is driven by flexibility and APIs. With Layerise your can include onboarding schemes directly in your products. Adding and connecting new products to digital experiences can be done direclty from the manufacturing line.

Programable NFC connectivity

Our NFC chipset allows you to program and build long-term connectivity. Your customers can utilise this gateway to get in touch with you at any point in the product life cycle.

Go easy and scale cheaply with QR-codes

Our QR-code manager is an cost effective and scalable implementation on products or packaging. The Layerise QR generator supports Level L, M, Q and H data restoration. Moreover, the platform supports QR changes post production and is compatible with any already exiting QR code.

A platfrom for the whole organisation

Get your team behind the entire experience lifecycle. Your marketing, sales, product or C-suite members can easily and effectivly utilise the Layerise platfrom.

Collaborate across teams

The Layerise platform enables you to define user roles and set team workflows. Team collaboration provides easy review and publishing of content.