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HF Christiansen is going digital

HF Christiansen is going digital

Customer story

We are excited to announce that the largest bike/e-bike manufacturer in Denmark, HF Christiansen, is partnering with Layerise to enhance the customer product experience journey. Among a complete list of 8 different brands, HF Christiansen manufactures brands as RALEIGH, Avenue and WINTHER, and is looking to help their bicyclist's to gain a much stronger understanding of their newly purchased bikes.

One of the interesting opportunities HF Christiansen is gradually and with certain domination moving towards is a broad electrical bike (e-bike) offering. It is within the advent of the e-bike, that the company is looking to further extend their relationship with their customers. To this day, HF Christiansen has been utilizing intermediaries and local dealerships to establish a customer relationship, a model that is increasingly more difficult as customers seek and expect brand presence and product experience to go much beyond the conventional brand-to-customer relationship.


Furthermore, in parallel with the growing customer demand for ever stronger and more omnipresent product experience, the company is also looking to use the Layerise platform to mitigate the growing complexities of bikes, with the e-bike driven features, and the broad lack of customer willingness to consume information through the customary user/owner manual. In detail, with the utilization of the abilities provided by the Layerise platform HF Christiansen will among a long list of things gain following abilities:

  • Establish a direct-to-consumer relationship
  • Provide an easy and mobile-driven product registration
  • From a communication pipeline to customers throughout the product life cycle
  • Delivery a rich and digital product onboarding experience
  • Secure a long-lasting customer-to-brand communication flow
  • Enrich all e-bikes with tap/scan access to product service, update, maintenance and more

As we slowly move into 2019, all HF Christiansen customers will be presented with tags as evident above when they purchase their e-bike. With this tag (NFC and QR code enabled), the customer can swiftly and easily get access to the owner product onboarding experience that includes extended product benefits, set up guidelines, video tutorials and explanations, instant direct support, maintenance reminders and much more. This instalment will be rolling out starting 2019, and will initially be available with following models Raleigh Darlington, Raleigh Sussex E1, Raleigh Sussex E2 & Raleigh Essex E.

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