Enable javascript to view Layerise websiteWelcoming the famous Indiegogo ebike Mate to the family
Welcoming the famous Indiegogo ebike Mate to the family

Welcoming the famous Indiegogo ebike Mate to the family

Customer story

With the electric bike MATE X, MATE has defined new crowdfunding boundaries by becoming the most successful campaign ever on Indiegogo. With 17 days left of the campaign the team out of Copenhagen, Denmark has raised more than $15.6 million and more than $21 million in total between its two campaigns (model X and S/CITY). As the company aims to push the frontier of eBikes and sustainable transport, MATE has partnered with Layerise to provide a rich, digital and customer-focused product experience throughout the customer product journey.

Since the inception of the company, MATE has relied on printed (in-packaging) product instructions, maintenance tips, troubleshooting guidelines and much more. However, as the company's eBike offering is maturing and new models are brought to the market, the printed format is becoming increasingly more unreliable to convey the product guidelines in an efficient way, and at the same time falls short of the digital presence expected by the ever more digital-focused customer.

mate new manual

Over the last 3 months, we have together with MATE discussed and planned how our Layerise platform can help them map and execute a digital product onboarding strategy that provides customer value throughout the full product life cycle. In more detail, MATE was looking to establish a digital experience that could push the experience beyond the limits of the conventional digital PDF manual. The company set out an execution plan that included the following objectives:

  • Provide a digital product assistant with the aim of rich product onboarding and post sales experience
  • Focus on providing information and guides with the use of rich media material
  • Establish a clear and customer-friendly way to access the digital assistant
  • Allow customers to easily and efficiently register their purchased bike for support and other benefits
  • Build a content strategy that aims to provide valuable product information and allows easy content update and revision
  • Form a solution that informs customers about product changes, updates and maintenance through omni notifications
  • Cut down on all unnecessary use of paper and print. Seek environmentally friendly solutions by providing equivalent digital offerings

To achieve the above, MATE has decided to completely review their owner's manual. While customers who already own a MATE bike will get access to the digital assistant through newsletters and other communication channels, all new MATE customers will receive an updated packaging and slimmed down physical owner's manual with a clear and prominent guide with information on how to access the digital assistant. As shown in the image above, the new owner's manual will focus on informing the customer about the assistants' availability already on the front page. Moreover, the image of the packaging below illustrates the commitment on guiding customers to gain access to the assistant already before unboxing the bike. This ability allows MATE to establish even more unique experiences with the focus on the customer and their complete product journey.

MATE X box

Finally, the digital assistant will be available for all MATE customers end of March. However, already this month MATE is sending out limited access to already existing customers. Layerise is looking forward to empowering MATE and their customers with digital solutions that will improve the product experience and overall customer satisfaction.

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