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A huge challenge with traditional customer and product registration is that it requires too much effort from the customer. Which product are you trying to register? Where did you buy it? What is your name? Questions the customer doesn’t want to spend time on answering.

This hassle is avoided with Layerise. We automatically identify which product the customer is trying to register and save him the trouble of filling out (most of) the product details.

All he needs to fill out are a few personal details, which allows us to link the product with his unique user in Layerise. Next time he scans a new QR code, he won’t have to register himself again - only the new product.

How do I set it up?

Customer and product registration is a ready-to-use component you can add to your Product Assistant from the menu to your left (go to Assistant > open your Product Assistant). Simply drag and drop the component onto your Product Assistant and you’re all set. We recommend placing the component at the very top of the Product Assistant as shown above.

How does the registration user-flow look?

Adding the Product Registration component to your Product Assistant will automatically activate a default user-flow in which Layerise ask the customer for the following details: Product Registration Default

The customer will end on his profile page once registration has been completed. Here, he can add additional information about the product (e.g. serial number and proof of purchase and complete his profile with first name, last name, profile picture etc.).

To keep the registration flow as quick and efficient as possible, profile completion isn’t a required step in the user-flow.

Which information is collected about the customer and product during registration - and how? CustomerData1

How can I configure which information Layerise captures?

You can configure certain steps of the default registration process and ask your customers to enter more information.

Step 1: Highlight why your customers should register

By highlighting which perks and benefits your customer receive for registering (e.g. get their warranty or product news), you increase the likelihood of them clicking and completing the short process.

You can choose any one of the listed benefits that are more suitable for the product. Just click on the Product registration component and look for the dropdown menu to your right:

Screenshot 2022-05-26 at 13.33.24

Step 2: Authenticate Mobile Number

This is the very first step of the product registration process where the customer is asked to enter a mobile number and then authenticate with an OTP received on the same number.

OTP Authentication provides a means to establish the authenticity of the entered mobile number. This is a mandatory and non-configurable step for customers to complete the product registration.

Layerise captures the below data with this step: CustomerData2

Step 3: Email & Promotion

Next, the customer is asked to enter the email address and provide consent for receiving promotional emails from you (the company). This is not a mandatory step, but you can change this to a mandatory step by clicking on

Assistant -> choose your Product Assistant -> go to Settings (click on the cog wheel) and toggle on Require email when registering as shown below.


Customers can also opt in for promotional emails regarding the warranty, offers, and product information.

Layerise captures the below data with this step: CustomerData3

Step 4: Product Registration Completed

With phone number & email entered, the product registration is completed.

If you’ve connected Layerise with one of your marketing tools (e.g. Klaviyo), we’ll automatically export the data below: CustomerData4

What happens after?

After registration is completed, the customer is prompted with a screen where they can choose to enter more details:

Serial Number and Proof of Purchase

The customers can enter the serial number and upload proof of purchase as additional information about the registered product. Layerise will export these details, as well with the updated information to your connected tool(s). Proof of Purchase documentation can be accessed in Layerise.

First & Last Name

The customer can add their first and last name in the profile and upon update, Layerise will export these details as well to your connected tools (e.g. Klaviyo).

Is there a way to prompt the customer to add their serial number and proof of purchase?

Yes, you can configure the registration flow to be included as a mandatory field with these steps too (rather than let it remain an optional step in the profile completion).

To enable serial numbers as part of the registration flow, go to Assistant -> choose your Product Assistant -> click on Settings (the cog wheel) -> click on Require serial number when registering. Configure1

The serial number will now be requested as part of the registration flow whenever a customer registers for the product: Product Registration Serial Number

Layerise will send below details upon product registration completion: CustomerData5

Similarly, you can also enable proof of purchase to be a mandatory step of product registration.

To enable proof of purchase as part of the registration flow, go to Assistants -> choose your Product Assistant -> click on Settings (the cog wheel) -> click on Require proof of purchase when registering.


The registration flow - including serial number and proof of purchase - will now look as shown below: Product Registration POP

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