New roles with improved permissions

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Permissions are a crucial part of managing and controlling your sensible data and roles. With our latest features, you control who can view, edit and interact with the workspace and even the sections within the workspace.

New roles & permissions

We are introducing 3 new roles for individual members: Contributor, Viewer and No Access.

In the table below, you can see which permissions are associated with each role. Admins remain the same and have access to view and edit everything on organization as well as workspace level. Workspace1

You can use the new roles to increase and decrease your members' permissions in Layerise.

For example, you may want to give a customer service agent permission to reply to chat conversations. But at the same time, he shouldn’t be able to make changes to your content or create new automation rules. The solution? Assign him the Contributor role for Conversations, but only a Viewer role in Library and Automation.

Contributor: Full access to the workspace section and can do everything in this workspace.

Viewer: Full access to view the workspace section but cannot edit/update.

No Access: Can’t view or access this section (blocked).

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With our new roles and permissions, admins of an organization or contributors of a workspace can assign a role to any member and change it later on, if the need changes. Viewers, however, cannot add or delete members.

Please note: The member permission will be set to Contributor by default for each section. You can change the permission while adding a member or update it later from Workspace Settings -> Members & Permissions.

A new way of managing your Layerise account

Apart from powerful new roles and permission that put you in control, we’re also launching a new way of managing your Layerise account.

First, we’ve separated Organization from Workspace (as shown below.) and moved all top-level settings regarding your Layerise account to Organization. From this central location it’s easy to manage your account and ensure everything runs smoothly.


Second, we’ve made it possible to customize your workspaces even further by allowing you to tailor how each should work. Prior to this launch, all settings in Workspace A would automatically be applied to Workspace B, but this is no longer a limitation.

As a Layerise admin, what can I do on the Organization level?

Organization settings provide a way to configure organization-wide settings. You can tailor your organization settings to best suit administrative needs and make your team work efficiently on the product post-sales journey in workspaces. Simply log into Layerise and click on Settings in the bottom left corner to view/change:

General: Add/edit details about your organization.

Plan: Subscription plan details, what’s included in your plan and total amount. You can also add/edit the payment method.

Admin & Members: View all the admins and members in Layerise. Get a complete overview of who has access to what. Furthermore, you can add new admins or downgrade existing admins.

Usage: Track your usage workspace-wide to make sure you know when you're reaching your subscription limit.

Payment History: Find your payment history here. Now, you can download payment history as an invoice PDF too.

Advanced: You can delete your organization in this section. Once deleted, organization cannot be recovered and therefore, you will need to sign up again.

Please note: Several of the organization options have default values. Be sure to verify that the default values correspond to your business rules and change them if necessary.


As a Layerise admin, what can I do on the Workspace level?

Your brand-new workspace settings page is now a one-stop-shop where members can review info about workspace(s) they’ve part of.

The new workspace settings page keeps details transparent so that you'll know exactly what to expect as a member of any workspace. Here’s an overview of workspace settings:

General: Review and edit details of your workspace. You can also view the organization details of your workspace such as the organization name & admins.

Branding: Brand your product assistant here with custom brand colors, logo, icon and cover image.

Domain: Configure a custom domain for product assistants.

SMS: Configure an SMS campaign for your product assistant end-customers.

Chat: Integrate and configure different chat platforms for your product assistants.

Members & permissions:. As mentioned above, we’re launching new roles and permissions for workspace members.

Teams: Create teams for your workspace to assign chat and warranty requests.

Apps: Configure external apps for your workspace and product assistant here.

Developer: All the technical documentation your team needs.

Where can I access my Workspace settings?

Simply click on the 3 dots right next to your workspace name followed by View all.


An extra little treat for organizations with several workspaces…

We’ve made it much easier to navigate between multiple workspaces. Simply click on the icon in the top left corner and the list of all workspaces you’re part of will appear.

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