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Data-driven organizations realize the importance of customer data for a successful business strategy and take action to ensure that they collect the necessary customer data points that would enable them to improve customer experience and fine-tune business strategy over time.

Layerise product assistant captures relevant customer data and can pass it using technical integration. Customer data is asked in steps to keep the journey unitnterrupted for customers and capturing essential customer data at the same time.

What data is captured?

There are multiple touchpoints where customers are asked to enter details to proceed. The below table shows all the data captured in Layerise product assistant & figure shows all the touchpoints and corresponding captured data Data1

Customer journey in product assistant and its corresponding captured data: Data.8

Customer Registration

A customer will go through below steps for product registration. While customer data is asked in below steps, product details are auto captured by Layerise. Customers will fill details in 3 steps and Layerise sends all the data available upon product registration completion. CJ11

Step 1 - Registration with Phone number and country. CJ1

Step 2 - Enter the email address and consent for receiving promotional emails CJ2

Step 3 - Enter Serial Number and Proof Purchase CJ3

Claim Warranty

Warranty is another essential product assistant component in terms of collecting data. Using Product registration and Warranty, you can get most of the product and customer related data that Layerise has to offer. CJ_Warranty

Warrranty journey in product assistant:

Customer goes through below steps when registering for warranty in Layerise product assistant CJ1

Step 1: Registration with Phone number and country. CJ1

Step 2 : Enter Serial Number and Proof Purchase CJ3

Step 3: Warranty to be approved by Layerise admin. This is an optional step and can be enabled by Library -> Warranties -> Warranty -> Approval -> check 'Require Approval'

Warranty is issued to customer and is displayed in the product registration CJ_Warranty

How to configure filters in warranty? CJ5

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