Enable Re:amaze chat in Layerise

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If you're using Re:amaze to handle customer conversations, you can enable it in Layerise too and keep the full overview.

  1. Log in to your Re:amaze account (you need to be an admin)
  2. Go to Settings:
  1. Under WEBSITE INTEGRATIONS, click on Chat Widgets

  2. Click on + New Chat Widget

  1. Configure your chat widget (set response time etc.). Once set up, go to Manual Publishing:
  1. Copy the code in a file and keep it handy for the next steps.

Enable Authentication

If you want Layerise to pass Customer ID, Name, Email, and Phone Number to Re:amaze when a customer initiates a chat conversation, please enable Authentication by following steps 6 & 7:

  1. Go back to Settings (in Gorgias)
  2. Under DEVELOPER, click on Account IDs and Secret:
  1. Copy the Secret SSO Key and Brand ID and save it for the next steps
  1. Log into your Layerise account and open your Workspace settings by clicking on your workspace name at the top left corner (the three dots).

  2. Go to Apps > All

  3. Click on Re:amaze chat > Install

  1. Enter the copied code from Re:amaze (step 7) into the "Insert chat widget script" field, SSO Key and Brand ID. Complete the configuration by clicking Install app:
  1. As a final step, go back to your Workspace settings in Layerise by clicking on the three dots next to your workspace name.

  2. Go to Chat > under Advanced settings, select Re:amaze as preferred chat provider > click Save changes:


And that's it!

You can test how it works your Assistant:

  1. Go to Library > Assistant and open any Assistant by clicking on it
  2. Click on Preview and scan the QR code
  3. Click on the chat icon in the bottom navigation bar

A Re:amaze chat widget will pop up as shown in the below example:


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