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There are many possibilities with Layerise - so where do you start?

In general, we see that Assistants who answers these five questions tend to perform better and receive more positive feedback from the end-users:

  • What’s the benefit of registering my product and how can I do it?
  • How do I install/assemble/activate my product?
  • How do I use it correctly?
  • How do I best care for my product - and get most out of it?
  • How can I contact you if I experience an issue or have questions?

Let’s dive deeper into each question.

What’s the benefit of registering my product and how can I do it?

The benefits of registering should be clear and instructed from the outset. If you are able to offer some kind of discount or special offer to the end-users who register, that is an extra incentive that helps converting visiting customers into registered users.

How do I install/assemble/activate the product?

Your Assistant content should have clearly defined chronological steps and easy-to-understand instructions. Visual resources, such as videos and Highlights, help to make it clear what the end-user needs to do.

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The content should match the product model to avoid wrong assembly and the risk of damaging the new product.

How do I use it correctly?

Your Assistant should instruct customer to use the product to its full potential while ensuring the safety instructions are laid out in the simplest and most effective way possible:

  • Guide your customers to the best ways of handling and using the product
  • Add safety instructions if applicable
  • Add specific instructions to avoid misuse of the product resulting in damage or malfunctions

How do I best care for the product - and get most out of it?

A great Assistant must have instructions to carry the intended behaviour with the product: an essential Do’s and Don’ts list.

Tips and tricks that will make the product last longer are true customer delights. So are any unique insights you can share about the product, e.g. why it was designed this way, why these particular materials/colors were used and so forth.

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How can I contact you if I experience an issue or have questions?

Last but not least, your customers should be able to contact your Customer Service Team if the answer they're looking for isn't available.

By enabling Layerise Chat - or connecting your existing chat provider - your customer will be able to contact you in real-time.

If your Assistant answers all five questions, you can rest assured your customers have received what they need to become successful with your product.

Next step: Find the answers!

Reviewing your user manual, customers' complaints/questions or your customer journey can help you find the answer to each of the five questions.

A user manual is a good place to find information about what customers need to assemble, use and maintain the product.

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Furthermore, to deconstruct customer pain points into fundamental requirements, you can analyse the reviews on your online review site (e.g. Trustpilot, Yotpo etc.) and check the bad/average review to see if you find a pattern in customer complaints:

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What do all of the reviews above have in common? They've all been submitted due to a lack of product training and product information!

Social media is yet another way to understand your customers' challenges when using your product. Read through the reviews, comments and posts to get an understand of what product information your Assistant needs.


Through a thought-out plan that considers communication, flexibility, and loyalty you’ll be able to provide your customers with an effective post-sale experience that keeps them coming back for more.

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