How a UK-based decorative lighting company gained 2,500 new upsell leads

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This medium size company was looking for a post-sales solution to track their products and get to know their customers’ characteristics. They sell their products through Amazon and through their own channels. After a sale on Amazon, the customer data gets lost and unreachable, resulting in lost opportunities for improvement and growth.


The company placed a QR code incentivizing their customers with warranty extensions on their products sold through Amazon. The product assistant linked to the QR code consisted of all registration-needed components. By doing so, they got an 80% conversion rate.


Thanks to this small addition, the company obtained 2,500 customer registrations which they now plan to upsell. The business is quite "seasonal", meaning they see a great spike in their sales in certain months of the year. With the new information they got from Layerise, they can tailor their communication even better to the audience and, as a consequence, expect to see increased sales in the fall of 2022.

"Partnering up with Layerise has enabled us to gain valuable insights about our customers. As a large part of our sales happen through e-commerce platforms, we were on the lookout for a tool that could help us capture data about these customers we never get to engage directly with. The powerful registration process in Layerise makes it easy to collect key information, and the dashboard helps us drill into the numbers and enrich our customer persona further," says the Product Director at the company.

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