How to add QR codes in Shopify emails

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How to customize email content with Layerise QR Code and URL in Shopify

Below are the steps how you can add Layerise QR code and URL in shopify emails. Please note: You will need shopify admin account to follow below steps

Step 1

  1. Login to Layerise account and click on the QR code symbol to access QR codes for the individual product assistant under connectivity.

Step 2

  1. Login to Shopify with an admin account.
  2. Go to Settings -> Notificaions
Screenshot 2022-04-28 at 10.59.43 ShopifyNotification

Step 3

Go to email you wish to customise with Layerise QR code/URL Exmaple : Order confirmation (to edit order confirmation email).


Step 4

Make the HTML changes and click on Preview before saving to see the email template.


Step 5

Test your email. As an important reminder,always make sure you include the correct QR code and unique link in your emails!

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