How to connect external apps with Layerise using Zapier.

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You can connect your Layerise with more than thousands of the most popular apps using Zapier without writing any programming code. Zapier allows you to make a connection with other apps you are using for your business with Layerise to process customer information.

Below are some of the popular connections chosen by our clients in Zapier:


How does it work?

Zapier fetches data available in Layerise and sends it to the chosen app. Zapier essentially automates a repetitive task that you otherwise will have to do manually every time you need to export data from Layerise and import it into a particular external app.

Zapier creates a connection (called a Zap) that runs every time new data is saved in the Layerise portal.

Step by Step guide to connecting external apps with Layerise using Zapier

To create a zap, you need a zapier account. Zapier is free and no subscription is required.

Part 1: Making Connection with Layerise in Zapier

  1. Before we start with Zapier, Log in to your Layerise portal and click on Apps

  2. Click on Zapier and after installation, click on Configure button to see the below screen


Copy this code or keep this screen open to keep the token handy. Now we will configure Zapier with Layerise and External App

  1. Create an account in Zapier (if you already don’t have one) and log in using the below link :

Layerise - Zapier Intergration

  1. Choose the external app that you wish to connect with the Layerise portal. Zapier_ChooseApp

As an example, we are going to choose google sheets to export customer registration data from Layerise to google sheets.

Once you select an app, you need to create a Zap between Layerise and the external app. As the first step, choose the trigger point from Layerise.

In this example, Customer product registration is chosen i.e. Every time new customer registers for the product, data will be exported to the chosen application (in our case, google sheets).

  1. Sign in to Layerise with your Layerise account
  1. Paste the code from step 2 in the organization API key and click on continue.
  1. Zapier should redirect you to the same screen where you can choose your logged in account

Click on Continue and test a trigger with the "test trigger" button Zapier_TestTrigger

Part 2: Making a connection with External App (Example: Google sheets)

  1. Choose your external app here and authenticate your account (as an example we are choosing google sheets)
  1. Choose an action based on the trigger i.e an action you would like Zapier to perform whenever there is new customer product registration (Example: Choosing update row in google sheet evertime there is a new customer registration in Layerise) Zapier_Layerise4

  2. Once authenticated, choose action within the app. Example: We are choosing google drive, which spread sheet to update and mapping column against data available in the Layerise portal.

The Screenshot shows, Green Highlighted is google sheet column and the Blue highlight is layerise data meaning you want to update google sheet column with layerise data

  1. Once done, click on continue and test your trigger and action. Click on Test & Continue to test your zap and activate it.
Zapier_Test Zapier_sheetTest Zapier_Test1

And that’s it! Next time there is a new customer product registration in Layerise, you will find the data in your external application (in this case, google sheets).

You can connect multiple apps in zapier with same method.

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