How to create a successful SMS campaign

How to create a successful SMS campaign

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Imagine the following: You’ve created an outstanding, mobile-friendly product onboarding and, as a result, thousands of new customers have registered on Layerise and opted in for more product news.

With our new powerful feature, SMS Campaign, you now have the opportunity to reach registered customers directly with relevant updates, offers, and much more right where you know they’ll see it: in their phone inbox.

How does it work?

Setting up an SMS campaign with Layerise is both safe and easy.

First, you need to define your audience. We’ve made it very easy. All you have to do is choose a Customer List - or create your own, in case you want to send a highly personalized SMS to a specific target audience.

Second, you need to set up the campaign, which includes writing the text and scheduling when the campaign should begin.

All this can be done with a few clicks. Just log into your Layerise account, look for Marketing in the left sidebar and click on SMS. As an Enterprise customer, you’ll not only have access to the SMS Campaign feature but, also, receive a monthly credit.

We recommend reading through the next chapter’s use cases for inspiration before you begin building your first campaign. If you’re already clear on your campaign’s goal, please proceed to Step 1: How to create or choose a Customer List (and let’s get started!).

If you’re on a Business plan and interested in learning more about how SMS Campaign can benefit your business, please contact our Customer Success Team on

Why SMS Campaign?

SMS marketing is one of the most effectful ways to interact with your customers. Not only because the technology enables you to reach thousands of customers instantly, making it a great tool to communicate time-sensitive information and offers. Furthermore, since the modern consumer checks his/her phone several hundred times a day, it’s nearly impossible to miss a new message.

But if you ask us, the real magic happens when you begin enriching your SMS marketing with customer behavior insights and your own product lifecycle knowledge!

SMS Campaign empowers you to take full advantage of insights gained about registered customers and build powerful campaigns to further increase your customer’s product awareness, increase sales - or whatever your campaign goal might be.

For instance, you can use SMS Campaign to

  • Provide exceptional customer service during the first phase of the product onboarding. Many uncertainties can arise during this phase; from assembly to first use. During this period it’s useful to send (or resend) the most useful how-to guides.
  • Remind customers of important tasks. Include links to e.g. book a repair appointment.
  • Notify a selected group of customers about unique benefits. Create a VIP customer list and offer your best customers benefits that’ll turn them into brand ambassadors.
  • Increase commercial pipeline. Promote new products, accessories, and services.

Build your first campaign

Step 1: How to create or choose a Customer List

With a clear goal in mind for your campaign, it’s time to define the audience.

To set up a unique, Static list for your SMS campaign, please click on the Customers tap in the sidebar followed by List and Create list as shown below.


Name your list and click Continue.


Now it’s time to add all relevant customers to the new list either by applying filters (such as country, product, preferred language or whether they’ve opted in for marketing or not).


Or by handpicking customers as shown below.


You can also do a combination of filtering and handpicking. By creating your own customer list, you are in total control of who’ll receive the SMS.

Alternatively, you can choose one of our Active lists. They update automatically every time a new customer registers, visits the app - or hasn’t visited the app for a while:

  • New customer (last 14 days)
  • Active customers (last 30 days)
  • Active customers (last 90 days)
  • Inactive customers (last 30 days)
  • Inactive customers (last 90 days)

Step 2: How to set up an SMS Campaign

With a clear goal in mind, as well as a defined audience, it’s time to set up the SMS campaign itself.

  1. Click on Marketing in the left sidebar followed by SMS and Create campaign.
  1. Design the campaign to your liking.

Campaign: Choose a name. The name remains internal and will only be visible to you.

Message: Write the SMS itself here. There’s a standard 160 characters limit per SMS. If you exceed the limit, we’ll need to send your message as two separate texts (more on this later).

Recipients: Select your own, unique customer list - or choose one of our predefined lists.

Campaign schedule: Define when your SMS campaign should go live. We highly recommend sending the SMS in your customer’s local time zone.

Unsubscribe: Due to legal requirements, Layerise automatically adds unsubscribe instructions to your message. You can, however, choose which language the unsubscribe option should be presented in to ensure it’s understandable for all customers.

Once your campaign is ready, click on Preview and schedule in the top right corner. Review the summary and if all looks great, schedule the SMS campaign to begin.

If you’ve chosen to match your SMS campaign with the customer's local timezone, it may take up to 24 hours for the campaign to complete.

By hovering over the Results bar, you’re able to follow the process of your campaign.


The campaign is done when there are no more Pending recipients.

In summary, it’s never been easier to reach your customers directly with highly relevant product information and offers.

Frequently asked questions

I can’t access SMS Campaign in my Layerise account?

You need to be on an Enterprise plan in order to gain access to the feature. You can read more about our enterprise plan here - or you can contact us on and we’ll be happy to provide you more information.

It’s giving me an error message when I try to schedule my campaign?

You need SMS credits in order to send a campaign. Please check if you have sufficient credits - your current credit will be visible right next to Filters in the top right corner.

credits left

How are SMS credits calculated?

Credits are calculated upon the initial amount of outgoing texts. One credit = one SMS.

As an Enterprise customer, you have a monthly credit of 10 included in your plan, meaning you’ll be able to send up to 10 texts free of charge every month. The credit will automatically renew every month. Credit cannot be accumulated over time.

How can I purchase credits to send an SMS Campaign?

Please reach out to us on and we’ll help you get set up right away.

Can I import customers to Layerise from external sources?

This is unfortunately not possible due to compliance reasons.

Can I remove the unsubscribe link from the list text message?

Due to legal requirements, Layerise automatically adds unsubscribe instructions to your message. While the link cannot be removed, you can choose which language you want the message to be presented in.

I’d like to change my sender ID. How do I change it?

Go to Settings, click on SMS and change your sender ID under Campaigns sender ID - and remember to click Save.

Didn't find the answer your were looking for? Please reach out to us on and we’ll be happy to help.

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