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With Highlights, you can create step-by-step instructions that take almost no time and resources to record. All you need is a smartphone, your product, some post-its and good, natural lighting to get started. A stabilizer can also be useful, but is certainly not a requirement.

How do Highlights work?

Similar to Instagram’s Reels, Highlights are a series of looped videos that can illustrate the steps of a process. The viewer doesn’t need to pause the video after each step - or rewind it if he missed an important detail. Instead, he can watch it at his own pace; the video will keep looping until he’s ready for the next action.

How to Create a Highlight in Five Easy Steps

Step 1: Get clear on the goal

What do you want the viewer to learn from watching the Highlight?

Examples could be:

“How to turn on the lights on your e-bike”

“How to make a your first smoothie using your new blender”

We recommend one goal per Highlight to keep it light and easy. But you can of course make the Highlight longer if needed, e.g.:

“Unboxing from A - Z”

“10 things to check before your first bike ride”

Protip: Write the goal in the Highlight’s title. This will make it easier for the viewer to understand what they can learn.

Step 2: Plan the Photoshoot

Script the process you wish to record and break it down into individual steps. One step = one video clip.
How to set up bike

As a rule of thumb, we recommend 5-10 seconds per video clip to keep it simple and engaging. If the clips get too long, you begin to lose out on the looping effect.

We recommend preparing a small, explanatory text for each video clip (maximum 60 characters). This text should be added later, in Layerise, in each clip’s title. Do not add subtitles or any other type of text on top of the video clips.

Please read our format guide carefully before you begin recording. cover image video clips

*Please keep in mind the maximum 20 MB per clip.

Step 3: Recording

  1. Make sure the lighting is good and all products needed for the photoshoot are clean and ready.

  2. Place your smartphone in portrait mode.

  3. Place yourself at an appropriate distance from the object you’re about to record. As a rule of thumb, the object should take up about 75% of the screen, while 25% should be reserved for text, as shown in the images below. Bring the object into focus and record the important details that should not be missed. important details

We highly recommend recording each step individually, as this will speed up the subsequent editing process. Plus your customer will value the care and creativity you’ve put into each delicious clip! Don’t forget to take a picture for the Highlight’s cover image.

Step 4: Editing

Before you can begin editing your Highlights in Layerise, you need to make sure each video clip has the right length and doesn’t exceed 20 MB. If you’ve recorded everything in one go, you’ll also need to cut the videos into individual steps. You will need to use a different video editing tool for this part.

Once you have captured and prepared all video clips, it’s time to put them together into a Highlight.

Let’s begin with your cover image:

  1. Go to Assistant > open your Product Assistant and click on Collections.

  2. Click on “Create new” underneath Highlights.

  3. Click on “Upload image” to select your cover image. Remember to give it a title. Add a title

  4. Edit your cover image by clicking on Edit in the preview’s top right corner to change orientation, add a filter etc.

Protip: Gifs are also supported.

Once you’re satisfied with the cover image you can proceed with the video clips:

  1. Click on the + next to your cover image to upload your first video clip. Each step needs to be updated individually. To add more steps, click on the plus button in the left bottom corner. (14)

  2. Add an explanatory text (title) to each video - a bit of text guidance is always good, even if it’s clear what’s happening in the video.

  3. Finally, you can also offer your customers the opportunity to learn more about each step by linking it with a topic.

This will automatically add a Learn more option at the bottom of the clip: jdkjakdja

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