How to make product content that’ll wow your customers

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A successful Product Assistant is one your customers want to interact with. Not out of necessity or because it’s what’s most convenient. But because they enjoy it; it's a great experience.

Great experiences build trust in your product - and, ultimately, in your brand.

The difference between an okay and a great experience often comes down to the quality of the content. Engaging content that visualizes what the viewer needs to do tends to generate the most positive responses.

You’ve already sketched and possibly begun building your new post-sales experience in Layerise. You should therefore have a pretty good idea of what type of content you're going to need for each section of the Assistant, what content you already have, and what you need to make.

Please make sure to review our technical requirements and format guidelines before you begin planning the content production in detail.

Format Guide & Technical Requirements


There are two ways to display full-length educational videos in Layerise. You can either upload them directly to our platform or, if you have a company YouTube or Vimeo account, post them here and embed them in Layerise.

Each comes with slightly different technical requirements and possibilities.

*Sound and subtitles have to be added in a different video editing tool.



Highlights are an excellent alternative to full-length videos, especially for those critical tasks end-users need to complete before using your product for the first time. Another advantage of Highlights is they’re fast to duplicate and customize for each language because they don’t have voice or subtitles. Instead, Highlights have a small text field per step which can be customized (translated) ét voilá - now your French customers also understand what’s happening in the video (plus you’ve saved hours in the studio).

In this article you’ll find the technical requirements, format guide and a step-by-step guide on how to record, upload and edit your Highlights in Layerise:


A picture says more than a thousand words! Spoil your customers with high-quality stills that make it easy to tell the different items apart, show what a correctly assembled product looks like etc.


You can also make your Product Assistant even more on-brand and aesthetically pleasing by adding a cover image to your components. A great picture (perhaps with some movement?) captures the viewer’s attention and makes him want to click and explore.


*Please keep in mind that the title and excerpt you add in Layerise on top of your cover image will cover up to 50% of the (bottom of the) image.


Finally, one last piece of advice: Don’t forget to make content for the QR code! Placing the QR code in near proximity of your product - or even on it - won’t necessarily be enough. You need to motivate your customers to scan the QR code, which might involve additional content (a card, removable tag, new packaging with a description of what the customer will achieve when he scans the QR code and registers or other initiatives depending on your unique product). You can read more on this here:

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