Importing Layerise Data in Mailchimp

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Importing Layerise Data in Mailchimp

In this document, you will find step by step guide to import Layerise customer data to mailchimp using Zapier.

Step 1 : Set up Zapier

Go to link : and sign up. If you already have an account, sign in to create a Zap.


Step 2: Conntect your Layerise account

Authenticate Zapier with Layerise account to get data from Layerise

Klavyio_Zapier_LinkLayerise Klavyio_Zapier_LayeriseLink1

Step 3: Select Mailchimp Event

Select Add/Update subscriber from the event list


Step 4: Connect with Mailchimp account

Authenticate Zapier with Mailchimp account to import data from Layerise


Step 6: Select Fields you wish to import in mailchimp

Once connection is established between Layerise, Zapier and Mailchimp. In this step, choose data fields from mailchimp list that you want to import from Layerise. This essentially mean you will be adding data into these fields in mailchimp subscribers list via Layerise.

E.g. Choose Email as one of the fields that you configured in mailchimp list (in step 1) to add email IDs that will come from Layerise .

Step 7: Map the field from layerise into Klaviyo

Now that you have selected list fields that you want to enter details in, in this step you need to add what values you want to pass into those list fields.


Step 8: Test your Zap

As next step, test your zap by clicking on 'Send Test' button that you see in Zapier. After succesful Zap, login to mailchimp account and check all contacts. you should see 1 new entry into the list.

mailchimp5 mailchimp6

If you see data in mailchimp list, you are done. Next time there is a new customer in Layerise, Zapier will automatically send the data to mailchimp List.

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