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Customers want fast, efficient, and convenient engagement with businesses. Another equally important thing to consider is to make sure the channel perfectly aligns with the changing tastes and preferences of modern-day customers. This is where Layerise chat fits the bill immaculately– it’s one of the best channels to deliver on-the-go support and enhance customer communication.

Additionally, Shared inboxes and multiple screens hiding customer data means more than a couple of agents sift through an inquiry before it’s handled. With Layerise chat, handling query is much, much faster. Everything you need to know about the customer and his interaction is available in chat to assist and resolve queries. Moreover, layerise can be integrated with your existing Zendesk channel and with product assistant data, you have all the relevant information in the same space.

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Consider this as an example: A customer has reached out to you in chat and wants you to honour the claim they get with the product. In Layerise, it is simply a matter of one click and everything you need is in the same space.

Reasons you should choose Layerise chat

What makes layerise chat effective is everything agents need to know about customers is in the same space and it can aid to resolve the queries in no time. But there’s more; Take a quick tour of some of the Layerise chat features to understand its power when using it with your product assistant

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Key Features

Engagement and communication are key factors required for customer satisfaction. Live chat can address this if implemented properly. Knowing the following advantages of Layerise chat can help you maximize communication effectiveness to boost your business operations. Here are some of its benefits:

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1. Easy-to-use interface

Layerise chat offers an agent- and admin-friendly interface that supports you in onboarding agents faster and empowers you to spend less time on admin work and more time focussing on your business goals. Layerise promotes intuitiveness, and time-saving features, that are as simple as following a checklist — thus making the best use of your time.

2. Custom CRM and key insights

Since all the customer and product details are available in a single view; As an agent, it saves you the hassle of switching between multiple platforms to check warranty status and customer details. Additionally, a Prompt response from an agent can make the entire product experience phenomenal for customers.


3. Post Sales Marketing activities

Layerise chat also provides you with all the marketing activities customer has done in product assistant to prepare for any queries that have after going through the self-serving product assistant resources.

4. Multilingual supporting all major language

If your business sells a product or service online, odds are your customers come from more countries than just the one you’re based in. Chat support that speaks a customer’s preferred language will help them feel understood and will be able to provide better service all around.

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5. Customer identification across different products

You can identify customers across different products they have registered in product assistant. By identifying and understanding your customers, you can assess their needs and determine whether your product and service will meet those needs (and, if applicable, how your product or service is better than the competition). Screenshot 2022-06-16 at 15.53.58

6. Track usage and engagement

It becomes easier to manage customers' expectations when agents proactively know what customers have been engaged in product assistant

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