Nine things to check before launching your first Assistant

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Testing your Assistant works exactly as intended is the final step before the launch. In this guide, we'll walk you through what you need to test & how and provide tips & tricks that'll make the launch run smoothly.

Your Assistant should check the following boxes before you launch:

  • Easy to access
  • Displays correct language
  • Displays correct product information
  • Successful registration is possible
  • Has a user-friendly structure (Home & Collection)
  • Displays correct content
  • Displays correct warranty document
  • Successful chat is possible

As a result of the above, you should also be able to conduct a:

  • Successful data export

Testing environment

We recommend accessing Layerise from your desktop but testing on a mobile device:

  • Log into your Layerise account
  • Go to Assistants in the left-side menu
  • Access the relevant Assistant by clicking on it
  • Open Preview
  • Scan the QR code to begin testing

Run the tests listed below on your mobile device and keep the Assistant editor open on your desktop to make adjustments where needed.

Important! Please make sure your device has the latest updated browser and operating system.

Easy access to the Assistant

Success criteria: It should be easy for customers to access the Assistant.

How to test

Scan the QR code(s) on your product, packaging etc. using your mobile device and check they route to the right Assistant.

This step is particularly important if you've used a different QR code than the one Layerise provides. A unique QR code is automatically generated for each Product created in Layerise, so if you've used these you'll automatically land on the right Assistant.

Correct language

Success criteria: Customers should automatically be able to view the Assistant in their preferred language (if it's available).

You can skip this step if your Assistant has been set up in one language only.

How to test

  1. Scan the QR code of the product you want to test
  2. The Assistant should appear in English, unless another translation that matches your mobile device's default language is available

You can check your translations under Home > Assistants > open the relevant Assistant by clicking on it > click on English in the top right corner. All translations (activated and in draft) will be listed here.

To activate a translation and make it accessable to customers, simply select the language from the list and click on Activate in the top right corner.

Please make sure you've reviewed the translation before pressing Activate.

Correct product information

Success criteria: Customers should never be in doubt about which product they can register.

How to test

  1. Scan the QR code of the product you want to test
  2. Check the product name is correct
  3. Check the product description is accurate (the description won't appear in the Assistant itself but will appear on your Workspace home (your product landing page which can be accessed by going to Home > access your Workspace settings by clicking on the three dots next to workspace name > under General, copy the Workspace home URL))
  4. Check the right product image has been uploaded

Successful registration

Success criteria: It should be easy to register a new product.

By default, Layerise will only ask your customers for three things when they register: phone number, email and marketing opt in.

To enable the default registration flow, simply drag & drop the product registration component - or one of the other components (Reminders, Rating, Warranty, Social media, Link, webshop or chat) that require registrationon - onto the Assistant's Home page. You can also do both to boost your customer registration rate further.

If you've customized the registration flow and e.g. added extra steps or uploaded an image guiding customers to locate the serial number, you may want to test the flow before launching.

How to test

  1. Scan the QR code of the product you want to test
  2. Tap the product registration component or on one of the other components/pages that require registration to be viewed/accessed
  3. Complete the registration flow to check all additional steps have been added and the right supporting image has been uploaded

You can change product details by going to Home > Assistants > choose the relevant Assistant by clicking on it > click on the box icon in the left-side menu and update Product image, Product title, Product description and Product Category.

Optimal structure

Success criteria: It should be easy to find the information and help needed to get started and become successful with your product.

How to test

  1. Scan the QR code of the product you want to test
  2. Review the Home page: Does it contain the most important product information and tasks customers need to view/complete? Are the most important tasks and information placed at the top?
  3. Tap the Collection icon at the bottom of the navigation bar
  4. Review the Collection page: Does it contain the answers to the most frequently answered questions? Are the answers neatly organized in categories that make it easy for customers to browse through?

Correct content

Success criteria: Each tile in the Assistant should take customers to the right piece of content.

How to test

  1. Scan the QR code of the product you want to test
  2. Tap each tile to view which piece of content it's been connected with

To connect a tile with a different piece of content, simply access the Assistant from Home > Assistant > click on the Assistant to open it > click on the relevant tile > choose a different features topic or highlight from the list (or add a different URL/pdf file).

Correct warranty documentation

Success criteria: It should be easy for customers to view their warranty documentation. You can skip this test if you haven't added your warranty documentation in Layerise.

How to test

  1. Scan the QR code of the product you want to test
  2. Register the product
  3. Tap the Warranty component in the Assistant's Home page. If no Warranty component exists, simply tap the Profile section in the right side of the bottom navigation bar
  4. Tap View registration on the relevant product
  5. Tap See warranty
  6. Check it's the right warranty documentation

You can edit the warranty documentation or set up an additional warranty document under Home > Library > Warranties

If you've set up a warranty approval flow, you shouldn't be able to view the warranty documentation unless you've completed all the required steps. You will be able to view pending warranty requests under Home > Service > Warranty requests

Successful chat

Success criteria: It should be easy to start a chat conversation and get in touch with your Customer Support Team.

Your Assistant has automatically been set up with Conversations (chat) enabled. You can configure its settings under Home > Workspace settings (the three dots next to your workspace name in the top left corner) > Chat.

How to test

  1. Scan the QR code of the product you want to test
  2. Register the product
  3. Start a new conversation by tapping on the chat icon in the bottom navigation bar
  4. Check the response time is accurate

If you're using Gorgias, Re:amaze or Zendesk Widget, you may want to submit a new ticket to test all steps in the integration setup guide have been completed successfully.

If you're using Layerise chat and have set up chat automation rules, you may want to test that everyone in the team receives email notifications when a new conversation is started.

Successful data export

Success criteria: It should be possible to export customer and product data to external tools and create data-enriched workflows and marketing campaigns.

Connect Layerise with your favorite tools through Zapier. Once connected, Layerise will automatically export every new customer and product registration - and update existing registrations.

The following test assumes you've already created a Zapier account and connected Layerise with your marketing tool, e.g. Klaviyo or Mailchimp.

How to test

  1. Open the external tool you wish to export Layerise data to
  2. Check you've completed every step in the tool-specific setup guide
  3. Scan the QR code of the product you want to test
  4. Register the product

You should now be able to see the latest registration in your external tool.

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