Understanding Product Assistant and its components

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Familiarizing with Layerise product assistant components is essential to create your first product assistant. Before we understand the product components, there are two types of components available in the product assistant portal.

Standard Components

In this section, you will find predefined components that you can start using right away. Each predefined component has its specific characteristic that will help you to make the product assistant concise yet informative for customers.

Create your own component/ Library

In this section, You can create your own components according to specific requirements and criteria. Canvas

It is always a good practice to start with standard components and create a draft idea of what should product assistant look like.

You start by dragging and dropping standard components in the canvas area. It is like building blocks where each block will be a component consisting of relevant information for your customers. Columns

Layerise Product Assistant example: Product Assistant Screenshot

Below is the list of Standard components and their functionalities:

Product Registration: This is one of the most important components in order to collect customer information. Customer can register their products via this component by providing a few details.

Read about product registration in detail here: Customer and Product Registration Product_Registration

Featured Highlight: Creating highlights is one of the most effective ways to provide information to your customer that can be hard to follow especially when given via conventional methods such as a long list of instructions without any visuals.

You can upload pictures, gifs and short videos (8-10 seconds) Highlight

Featured Topic: Featured topic is also one of the most used components to provide information in text visuals. You can write information articles/guides and add visuals in this section to create a simple and effective guide for customers. Topic

Featured Video: Featured videos are most suitable for long instructions content or introduction to the product. Watching a video over reading instructions text has proven to be more effective on customers. Video Component

Reminders: Reminders are a great way to nudge customers to use the information you have placed in the product assistant. You can add multiple reminders for customers for multiple components in the assistant such as Product registration, Claim warranty. Reminders

Warranty: You can create a warranty in product assistant and get rid of warranty cards. Moreover, you can put filters on warranty cards such as warranties for specific countries and approve warranties in the Layerise portal. Warranty

Rating: Ratings are a great way to take feedback directly from customers. Customers can rate the product in the product assistant. You as a company can view feedback in the Layerise portal and take necessary action to turn a bad review into a good one. Rating

Carbon Offset: Add this component to show customers how are you helping the environment by using digital product assistants instead of a paper user manual. CarbonOffset

Downloads: The downloads component allows customers to download a file. You can upload a PDF file for customers to download. Downloads

Shortcut: Place a shortcut in product assistant for other components to help customers find relevant information. Shortcut

Link: With the Link component, you can place a link for customers to visit and find relevant information that is already placed on your existing digital assets such as a website. Link

Install: This is an option for customers to save product assistant as an app on the phone. Next time customers need to access product assistant, they can use it right from the phone instead of scanning the QR code again. Install

Certifications: Show certification of product to the customer in product assistant. Certifications

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