Zendesk Ticket integration with Layerise

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This is a guide on how to enable Zendesk ticket integration with the Layerise.

You need to have a Zendesk and Layerise admin account to enable Zendesk ticket integration in Layerise

Step 1: Finding subdomain in the Zendesk portal

1a. In Admin Center, click the Account icon in the sidebar, then Appearance > Branding. 1b. You can find the subdomain as highlighted in the below screenshot.


If you cannot find the subdomain, please follow this guide created by Zendesk team Zendesk Support Page : Where can I find my Zendesk subdomain

Step 2: Configuring in Layerise portal

Now that we have our subdomain handy, we can go into the Layerise portal and configure it with a product assistant developed. 2a. Login to Layerise admin and go to Workspace settings > apps and click on Zendesk tickets

2b. Click on install & Configure button to add Zendesk subdomain here.


2c. Add your Zendesk subdomain in the field and click on save changes.


And you’re done! Now you can create a zendesk ticket in Layerise that your team can see in Zendesk portal.

Zendeskticket_Layerise4 Zendeskticket_Layerise5

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