Zendesk Ticket integration with Layerise Portal

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This is a guide on how to enable Zendesk ticket integration with the Layerise portal.

With the Zendesk Tickets, you can easily create Zendesk tickets directly from any Dialog conversation. Also, during each customer conversation, you will be able to read any existing customer ticket. To help your team utilize any customer conversation, an automatic thread history will be added for every Zendesk ticket created through Layerise.

ZenDesk Ticket Set up Instructions:

Step 1: Finding subdomain in the Zendesk portal

1a. In Admin Center, click the Account icon in the sidebar, then Appearance -> Branding. 1b. You can find the subdomain as highlighted in the below screenshot.


If you cannot find the subdomain, please follow this guide created by Zendesk team Zendesk Support Page : Where can I find my Zendesk subdomain

Step 2: Configuring in Layerise portal

Now that we have our subdomain handy, we can go into the Layerise portal and configure it with a product assistant developed. 2a. Login to Layerise admin portal and go to “apps” and click on Zendesk ticket

ZendeskTicket Layerise ZendeskTicket_Layerise1

2b. Click and install and configure to add Zendesk subdomain here.


2c. Add your subdomain in the field and click on save changes.


And you’re done! Now you can create a zendesk ticket in Layerise that your team can see in Zendesk portal.

Zendeskticket_Layerise4 Zendeskticket_Layerise5

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