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Collect 1st party customer data


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This electric scooter is a transport device. It can go fast and you should take notice. Please read the following instructions.

With communication comes happy customers
Help your customers by giving providing personal assistance. For your customers to engage with you they have to sign-up allowing you to get a deeper customer understanding.

TipShowing small tips is great to help customers get the most out of your product or get help when they have issues.

Highlight tips
Help your customers by highlighting tips and good to know areas.

AttentionUsing the attention block allows you to clearly explain and demonstrate areas of attention.

Educate, inform and support

Create simple, advanced, and powerful guides. Educate your customers about the product features, inform about changes or maintenance activities. Assist them with language-agnostic guides.

Create a powerful Assistant

Create brand-safe product-specific Assistants for your customers to access. Provide your product onboarding, assembly guides, or troubleshooting help that your customers can always access.

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Global customer product registrations

Enable your customers to register their product ownership quickly. Also, your customers can save their contact information, fetch their warranties or get access to exclusive experiences.

Register your Magic Scooter

Get extended warranty, live support and product tips


Your Magic Scooter is now registered!

Built with accessibility in mind

Our platform ensures that every customer gets the most optimal product experience. With our accessibility feature, the onboarding experience remains intact with any customer need.

Accessibility is important

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Install Assistant

Thunder Scooter

Your Assistant on every device

Any Assistant you create can be easily downloaded to a phone or any other device supporting PWA's. Any update or change will be automatically pushed to your customer's device without any required actions.

Assistant features

Build your product Assistants with great features.


Create smart interactive stories with images and videos to guide and educate your customers


Go into more detail with our long-form format


Real-time customer support with contextual customer data, from demographics to product model and maintenance schema


Layerise support 140 languages from around the world


Notify your customers about to-dos with Reminders. From maintenance activities to supplement intake


Let your customers install your Assistant to their favorite device


Build a green company profile by going paperless and save money while doing it


Connecting to your Assistant from your product is easy, whether it's NFC, QR or API

Smart marketing

Layerise exposes data for your products life-cycle, target your customers at each touchpoint for better conversion


Let your customers find your content on Google easier with SEO optimized Assistants

Customer registration

One-click customer product registration

API integration

Build your own frontend by using our powerful GraphQL API, whether it's IoT, native mobile or web applications


Warranty management, from issuing to country dependencies


Build product trust by showcasing your certifications


Let your customers buy spare parts and accessories


Educate and storytell with dynamic videos

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Enhance customer experience, collect customer data and reduce backlog.

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