Data security

Our applications are created with modern cloud infrastructure in mind. Ensuring an end-to-end safety of your data. By using proven third party providers as AWS, who have a excellent security track record we can ensure a high security standard.
Every iteration and infrastructure change in our codebase is designed around further solidifying security of our platforms. Everyday multiple backups and test are run to ensure high quality code and availability. All data considered personal are encoded and stored in our database using the using industry standard RFC 7519.

Security features

Product security


High granular control of permissions are set by organisation admins and can be set on workspace-level or section based.

Secure passwords

Layerise enforces a password complexity standard and credentials are encoded and stored using industry standard RFC 7519.

Permanent deletion

Organisation admins can by anytime delete all data from our platform from product registrations to experiences. Within the first 30 days the data is stored and after 60 days the data is permanently deleted from all our systems and third party providers

High availability

Our cloud infrastructure allows us to have a high availability, with fast continuous deployments, product logging and alerts. Every deployment is automatically and manually end-to-end tested allowing us to deploy with confidence.

Other security features

Employee training

Our employees are regularly trained in new security standards.


Every employee and contractor have signed a confidentiality clause before allowing to do any work

Background checks

Before any hire we perform a background test, reference check and local criminal record are reviewed on the potential employee.


Like any terms and condition we’re regularly updating our internal security policy to cover new legislation and security standard.