Create an interactive and effective product onboarding

We help brands re-focus from product instructions and manuals to interactive customer experiences.

Product coming out alive from a magician hat

Create onboarding experience

Build rich content with the Layerise cloud and mobile content creator. Create or add video, pictures and text.

Establish product activation funnels

Allow an easy and digital product activation. Layerise provides NFC, QR code and API integration management.

Communicate with customers

Provide personal and accurate instruction. With the Layerise chat feature you can communicate directy with your customer.

Create, control and manage content

With the Layerise platform we help you build effective content effectivly and at scale. We don't help you hand off instructions, we help you teach and empower customers.

Product list

Design the experience
your product never had

Whether your product is a bike or a home appliance the onboarding is crucial.
Layerise helps you design an experience your product needs.

Understand and activate your customer

Track and understand product registration, adoption and satisfaction. Segment and data mine your customers behaviour and usage throughout the full product life cycle.

Interface customer

Communicate to teach and help when needed

With the Layerise product experience platform your product story is forever evolving. We don't help you hand off instructions. We help you capture, teach and help customers.

Choose the right technology

Layerise supports a broad variety of technologies, that can ensure a frictionless onboarding.


Permanent communication chip directly attached on the product ensures a relialiable device communication.

QR-code manager

Cost effective and scalable implementation on products or packaging. Our generator and reader supports Level L, M, Q and H data restoration.

API token

With API integration your can easily bring the awesomeness of Layerise to your existing customer digital touch-points.

Built with accessibility in mind

Our platform ensures that every customer get's the most optimal product experience. With the Layerise accessibility feature the onboarding experience remains intact with any customer need.

Accesablitiy is important

Get your team behind the entire experience lifecycle

The Layerise platform is fully cloud-based and provides a list of unique features. As we are a data company and not an instruction manual publishing company, we can provide insights and abilities that will transform your customer experience activities and thereby your business across sales, marketing, customer support and manufacturing departments.

Product coming out alive from a magician hat


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