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No one reads the
product manual.

Enhance your product experience and
serve your customers with a smart product Assistant.

Reduce repetitive questions

Get ahead of known problems and repetitive questions before customers reach out and fill up your inbox.

  • Tap or Scan for access

    Direct your customers to your Product Assistant with a QR or NFC tag
  • Customise your Assistant

    Design the experience to educate and decrease most asked questions
  • Searchable content

    Don't let your customers flip through pages searching for answers.

Gain customer data

Have your customers register their product with ease.

  • One-click Registration

    Make is easy for your customers to register their product
  • Customer Insights & Segmentation

    Get to know your customers and build smart lists for support and marketing
  • Collect Actionable Data

    Start your next email, SMS or look-a-likes campaign with genuine customer data
  • Product Surveys & Feedback

    Understand how your brand, support and products are used and perceived by your customers

Reduce cost with self-service

Reduce your support cost, by making it easy for customers to self-serve. Allow your customers to find answers with instructional videos, smart articles and much more.

  • How-to stories

    Educate your customers with easy step-by-step guides
  • Send maintenance reminders

    Notify your customers when it's time to clean or maintain their product
  • FAQs

    Dynamic frequently asked questions to reduce repetitive questions

Integrate with popular tools

Connect Layerise with your favorite platforms so you can use the data for your e-commerce, marketing or CRM activities.


Read our research findings and gain insight into product and customer experience trends.

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Enhance customer experience, collect customer data and reduce back-log.