Customer experience for any scenario

Provide a digital onboarding, share FAQ’s, unlock digital user manuals, provide live support or capture product reviews.


Tell and guide with Highlights

Create interactive, beautiful, effective, and powerful Highlights. Use captions, images, GIFs, or videos to convey a story, to guide or to troubleshoot. Highlights can be small or long, but they are always the preferred way for customers to get informed.

Steam slowly in circular motion, cool once in a while

Localization with one click

Localization with one click

Extend the localization support of your content with one click. Select additional languages you want to support and let the editor do the hard work. Edit or remove any language at any time.

Authoring made easy with import and components

You can easily import material and create content much faster. With component-based editing, you can utilize standardized content like Tip, Tools, Warnings, and much more.

Authoring made easy with import and components

Track performance and consumption

The editor helps you see the big picture by informing you about content performance and consumption. Improve your content over time with the help of performance insights and customer satisfaction.

Track performance and consumption
Collaborate across teams

Collaborate across teams

Define user roles and set team workflows. Invite internal or external team members and quickly establish collaboration for easy content review and publishing.

Editor features

Build your product Assistants with great features.


Create multiple brands under one organisation, with shared content, insights and support activities


Find customers, product insights and your content in a snap with our powerful search


Create smart interactive stories with images and videos to guide and educate your customers


Go into more detail with our long-form format


Real-time customer support with contextual customer data, from demographics to product model and maintenance schema


Integrate with your favorite service and upgrade Layerise features


Layerise support 140 languages from around the world

Customer data

Get to know your customers in-depth from demographics to product ownership


Notify your customers about to-dos with Reminders. From maintenance activities to supplement intake


Get a deeper understanding of your customers. Get insights as customer demographics, product feedback, NPS-scores and much more


Build a green company profile by going paperless and save money while doing it


Copy, duplicate and globalize your content, to create new assistant fast

Permission control

Configure your team the right way, from workspace to feature based granular permission control

API integration

Build your own frontend by using our powerful GraphQL API, whether it's IoT, native mobile or web applications


Warranty management, from issuing to country dependencies


Build product trust by showcasing your certifications


Let your customers buy spare parts and accessories


Educate and storytell with dynamic videos

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Enhance customer experience, collect customer data and reduce backlog.

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