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Layerise is the world's first and leading Product Assistant provider. We help brands and manufacturers educate customers about their products.


Two major drivers are pushing the requirements for safer, smarter, ecologically friendly and more effective customer product experiences. The first driver is generated by the accelerated technical possibilities and thereby consumer technical requirements or expectations, in terms of digital-first and personal product engagement. The second driver for change is fueled by the growing need for data and actionable data-based options, as brands and manufacturers are seeking to understand their customers and establish clear customer-to-product understanding.

Our goal, and the goal of every Layerise team member, is to provide solution, tools and technology to securely help brands and manufacturers navigate through the landscape of growing customer expectations while at the same time provide the most innovating data service. By having our complete focus on both consumer expectations and preferences, and at the same time solving commercial and technical challenges for brands and manufacturers, we ensure an effective, pollution neutral and customer prefered Product Assistant.

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