Service & Support

Customers are six times more likely to express satisfaction when communicating via chat.

Service & Support

Give your customers a direct voice

With Chat you can support your customers in real-time directly from the Assistant. Engaging your customers through a chat interface increases customer satisfaction and in return results in happier customers.

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    Customer satisfaction ratings

    Customer satisfaction ratings

    Chat ensures the best satisfaction rating of any type of communication type. It's communication-rich and provides voice, video and image sharing. Layerise Chat enables you to support your customers and track satisfaction without extra work.

    Support effectiveness

    With Layerise Chat you don't have to spend your time collecting basic information about who the customer is or what product the customer has issues with. Our Chat represents this data automatically for you.

    Support effectiveness
    File sharing

    File sharing

    Add a file to any chat is always useful in customer support. Allow your customers to share a file with your or share an image, video, even a product pricing list and solve problems faster.

    Chat features

    Build your product Assistant’s with great features.


    Real-time customer support with contextual customer data, from demographics to product model and maintenance schema


    Integrate with your favorite service and upgrade Layerise features


    Layerise support 140 languages from around the world

    Customer data

    Get to know your customers in-depth from demographics to product ownership


    Get a deeper understanding of your customers. Get insights as customer demographics, product feedback, NPS-scores and much more

    Smart marketing

    Layerise exposes data for your products life-cycle, target your customers at each touchpoint for better conversion

    Permission control

    Configure your team the right way, from workspace to feature based granular permission control

    Customer registration

    One-click customer product registration

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