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"Layerise has become an internal part of our marketing strategy while being the ultimate tool for never-ending after-sales success at the same time."

Coline Chavaroche

Marketing and e-commerce specialist at 50 Rebels


Manufacturer of electric bicycles in the 20x4 electric mini-fat bike style. Built in Portugal, 50 Rebels e-bikes are one of a kind.


Torres Vedras, Portugal


Electric bicycles

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How 50 Rebels built its brand and saved time across its value chain

50 Rebels is a Portuguese manufacturer of electric bicycles. They produce as much as they can in Europe and are committed to being a European company from Portugal all the way up to Sweden. 50 Rebels pledged to support local suppliers and companies, by focusing not only on ecological sustainability but also on social equity and economic viability. The company set out to make authentic 20x4 bicycles affordable for everyone and they have achieved it.

Coline Chavaroche, Marketing and e-commerce specialist at 50 Rebels spoke with us recently to share her experience with Layerise and how we played a role in their marketing strategy, helped the company build its brand, and saved time across its value chain.

What opportunities have been reported, and what business metrics have improved since working with Layerise?

"Choosing Layerise was a part of our marketing strategy. The platform gives us an option to promote our brand, for instance, when our customers register, they get perks, personal offers, discounts, extended warranties, and other benefits. It is just an exemplary way to connect and interact with our customers and by making such perks available to them, we can see their increased satisfaction and willingness to “spread the word”. Thus, even a small change in the number of registrations results in an exponentially larger number of customers wanting to get on board with us."

"Layerise is a genuinely safe space you really want for your customers! Our customers can now easily reach out for help and have a place where they can interact with high-quality content. Moreover, we could implement our own sites, colors, or graphic charts to make the platform as personalized as possible and thus, perfectly matching with our website and other platforms. Lastly, being an eco-friendly company, we always seek companies that are sustainable and conscious about what they do and produce. Therefore, using Layerise’s platform really aligned with our mission and values."

What goals have been set and achieved since using Layerise's platform?

"The main goal since we started using Layerise’s platform was to ensure all of our customers register on the platform and get them well adjusted so they could easily register their bikes, get follow-ups, warranties, etc. In simple terms, to make their after-sale customer’s journey as smooth as possible. To decrease the number of questions and consequently increase efficiency and save time for our customers as well as of our customer support team."

"So far we have experienced tremendous outcomes as most of our customers registered in the application. What’s more, the tool seems to be very intuitive, easy to use, understand and navigate, and complete enough, as the number of questions asked has decreased exponentially. The platform is very straightforward and people do not lose themselves in the process as it is fairly easy for them. Besides saving time, this tool has also given us the option of being able to plan everything in advance and constantly improve by updating the tool with the latest features. This is very exciting for the future as we can always take things further and never stop progressing."

Did Layerise customer service provide the help and support you needed?

"Layerise being a high-expertise company was a real game-changer for us, especially when building the tool for the first time. If I had any questions, the support team just replied to me immediately and if needed, even came up with suggestions on how to improve. Moreover, if there was any technical issue, they just run an update and fix the problem in no time, which is very important in the world we are working in at the moment. We also had follow-up meetings every week, which only showed how much Layerise is committed to patient and attentive guidance encouragement through the whole process."

Why Layerise?

  • Building the brand and part of the marketing strategy

  • Aligned sustainability values

  • Extraordinary customer support

  • Creating the most interactive, effective and time efficient after-sales platform for customers

Layerise has become an internal part of our marketing strategy while being the ultimate tool for never-ending after-sales success at the same time.

Coline Chavaroche, Marketing and e-commerce specialist at 50 Rebels.

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