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"I estimate Layerise will save us 25-30,000 printed user manuals over the next two years. But more importantly, Layerise has helped us turn after-sales into a strategic area of growth for our business."

Gísli Guðmundsson

Co-founder & Brand Director at Dóttir Audio


Dóttir Audio offers noise cancelling wireless bluetooth headphones built by CrossFit athletes for World-Class Athletes.


Reykjavik, Iceland



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How Layerise helped Dóttir build an empowering after-sales experience

Dóttir Audio started as an idea between friends that popped up on a stroll around London, creating a headphone for World Class athletes that allows them to train freely without outside distraction. From there it has grown into something much bigger, not only a brand that creates headphones for athletes but a brand that supports female empowerment and equality.

Co-founder and Brand Director at Dóttir, Gisli Gudmundsson, spoke with us recently about how Layerise has helped Dóttir build an empowering after-sales experience.

Why did Dóttir need a new after-sales solution?

“Our headphones were created out of a vision to empower female athletes to perform their absolute best. Empowerment as a value transcends everything we do and needs to be present throughout our customer journey, including our after-sales experience.

As a young company in high growth, it’s also important for us to establish the best digital - and sustainable - practices from the start. Our new after-sales solution needed to be able to scale with us on our international journey.

By investing in after-sales technology early on that not only lifts the product experience, but also helps us capture customer data and track behavior, we've laid the foundation to turn after-sales into an area of commercial growth.”

Why Layerise?

“In our search for a after-sales tool that would help us achieve our goals, we found most of the solutions on the market rather disempowering: one-dimensional, disengaging and mainly focused on deflecting the customer's questions. But in Layerise, we found a partner that shares our high ambitions for after-sales.

With Layerise’s looped videos we could offer our customers a more empowering start with their new headphones. Simple yet powerful and aesthetically pleasing video assistance; that’s what we were looking for - and found in Layerise’s technology. The platform is easy to use and offers many opportunities for customization, allowing you to create a fully on-brand experience.

Functionalities and experience aside, Layerise’s smooth registration process also enables us to capture valuable customer data with a minimum of friction for our customers.”

How was it to get started with Layerise?

“It’s been great! The Layerise team has been incredibly helpful and proactive from start to finish. It’s easy to get started and tailor your Product Assistant to match your brand look and feel.”

How would you describe your new after-sales solution?

“As a perfect extension of our headphones. With a QR code centrally placed inside the headphone case, help is always only a scan away. The looped instruction videos empower our customers to get started within minutes.

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Customers who register their product can enjoy an even more personal and interactive experience - and become part of our growing communities on social media."

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Which results have been achieved?

“I estimate Layerise has saved us 25-30,000 printed user manuals over the next two years. But more importantly, Layerise has helped us turn after-sales into a strategic area of growth for our business. By lifting our after-sales to a level that matches our values and ambitions, we’ve in return gained an even more engaged customer base. And, thanks to the smooth registration process, direct access to them through our enriched customer data.

It took us six weeks to build a new after-sales solution with Layerise so good that 25% of customers who engaged with it also registered their product - and 92% of those opted in for marketing. We are highly satisfied with the results so far and look forward to continuing the partnership with Layerise.”

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