All features

All features

Handle everything from support, to service to marketing with the Layerise feature set


Share and create content, insights and customer support between multiple sub-brands with workspaces


Find customers, product insights and your content in a snap with our powerful search


Create smart interactive stories with images and videos to guide and educate your customers


Go into more detail with our long-form format topics


Real-time customer support with contextual customer data, from demographics to product model and maintainence schema


Integrate with your favorite service and upgrade Layerise features


Layerise support 140 languages from around the world

Customer data

Get to know your customers in-depth from demographics to product ownership


Notify your customers about to-dos with Reminders. From maintainence activities to supplement intake


Let your customers install your Assistant to their favorite device


Get a deeper understanding of your customers. Get insights as customer demographics, product feedback, NPS-scores and much more


Build a green company profile by going paperless and save money while doing it


Connecting to your Assistant from your product is easy, whether it's NFC, QR or API

Smart marketing

Layerise exposes data for your products life-cycle, target your customers at each touchpoint for better conversion


Create multiple brands under one organsation, with shared content, insights and support activites

Permission control

Configure your team the right way, from workspace to feature based granular permission control


Let your customers find your content on Google easier with SEO optimized Assistants

Password protected

Hide your Assistant until your experience and product is ready for launch

Customer registration

One-click customer product registration

API integration

Build your own frontend by using our powerful GraphQL API, whether it's IoT, native mobile or web applications