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"Several paper-heavy processes have already become digital thanks to Layerise. The annual cost savings on paper alone will probably reach 50,000 EUR."

Dominik Ruiz Morales

Brand Manager at BikeYoke


BikeYoke are combining German engineering with high-performance bicycle components.


Stegaurach, Germany


Bikes & Bike Equipment

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How BikeYoke uses Layerise to offer their customers a mobile-friendly service universe

BikeYoke is a Germany-based manufacturer of unique components for mountain bikes. Best known for their extremely well-engineered yokes, BikeYoke empowers mountain bikers to perform their absolute best.

As an original equipment partner with several of the most trusted mountain bike brands such as Ibis, Specialized Bikes and Propain Bikes, BikeYoke has become synonymous with quality and reliability for many mountain bikers.

We recently met Dominik Ruiz Morales, Brand Manager at BikeYoke, for a chat about how they’ve improved their post-sales journey.

Why did BikeYoke need a post-sales enablement tool?

"With dealers, service centers and customers located all over the world, we needed to become more digital. The old-fashioned way of printing, distributing and updating paper manuals for our customers - and installation manuals for the technicians - had become too time-consuming and expensive.

In addition to this, our direct sales to consumers has increased, which means we now receive a lot more emails from customers who need help installing their product. Rather than hire several people to answer these repetitive questions, we decided to invest in a more scalable and cost-effective solution.

We began searching for a mobile-friendly alternative to our online PDF manuals. Our ambition was to provide the help our customers and service technicians needed right there in the palm of their hands - and in a much more user-friendly, relevant and engaging format. By investing in a technology that also allowed us to utilize customer data and feedback, we could become more efficient with our time and resources - not just in the after-sales approach, but overall as a company."

Why Layerise?

"While I wasn't too familiar with Layerise prior to the first meeting, it quickly became clear that Layerise was the right solution for us.

We considered other options, but ultimately chose Layerise because of the flexible, easy-to-use platform and opportunity to create looped how-to videos optimized for smartphones. Long, technical explanations in a user manual are easily misunderstood, but video is easy for everyone to understand.

User experience aside, it was equally important that we would be able to fully leverage the data collected through our new after-sales enablement tool.”

How was it to get started with Layerise?

"I'm very satisfied with the help we've received from Layerise - from the kick-off meeting to our planned launch a few months later.

As we began using the platform and exploring the features our dedicated customer success manager had recommended, we would occasionally reach out to Layerise with questions. They were all answered quickly and satisfyingly and some of our feedback has actually materialized into new product features.

I probably log into Layerise once or twice a week now - it’s a place I go to whenever I feel inspired to be creative.”

How would you describe your new after-sales solution?

"Our customers now have direct access, via their smartphone, to an online service universe uniquely created for each bike component they've bought, in which they can find the answer to almost any question. No more browsing around to find the relevant user manual and scrolling through endless pages. It’s all right there now in the palm of their hand.

We've turned the most tricky installation guides from the user manual into looped videos, which allows our customers to install the product at their own pace. This has made all the difference."

Key features:

  • Stories

  • FAQ

  • Reminders

  • Install app

Which results have been achieved?

"Several paper-heavy processes have already become digital thanks to Layerise and more will come in 2022. The annual cost savings on paper alone will probably reach 50,000 EUR.

It's also been very satisfying to observe how well our customers have received the new after-sales experience. We've been able to track registered customers' journey through the platform and see what videos they've interacted with - and how rarely they've come back to ask questions after watching! Based on these new insights, we expect to see a 15-20% reduction in repetitive questions once Layerise has been launched across all platforms and customer groups.”

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