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"It took us five weeks to launch a new after-sales solution that has reduced the number of repetitive questions by 10%."

Kevin Young

Director of Operations at Drinkmate


iDrink Products is the company behind Drinkmate beverage carbonation systems. Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, we’re the second largest supplier of carbonator machines worldwide.


Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA


Beverage Equipment

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How Layerise helped Drinkmate give their customers the most optimal product introduction

Drinkmate makes it fun to stay hydrated. Their carbonation beverage maker lets you carbonate any beverage quickly and easily, from water and juices to iced tea and much more. With their easy and effective online CO2 exchange, Drinkmate makes it easy and cost effective to hydrate healthy and eliminate single-use bottles and cans.

Kevin Young, Director of Operations, spoke with us recently about how Layerise has helped Drinkmate connect their customers with the most relevant product information, leading to a significant decrease in repetitive questions.

Why did Drinkmate need a new after-sales solution?

“Our customers want to get started with carbonating their favorite beverages as soon as they open the package; they don’t read the user manual first. As a consequence, our customer support teams spend a good amount of time helping customers with problems that could have been avoided if the customer had known how to use and maintain the product correctly. The solution wasn’t to improve our user manuals. Our customers order their beverage makers online and, hence, expect to find help online - that’s where we had to focus our efforts. But with customers in different markets, and slightly different processes for each market, we needed a after-sales solution that could effortlessly guide our customers to the help and information relevant to them specifically. A fast and frictionless way to get help - that was our vision.”

Why Layerise?

“We had a great impression of the Layerise team from the very first meeting. They were genuinely interested in getting to understand our situation, product and needs, which made us confident we’d found the right partner. Layerise’s platform is also very easy to use and highly customizable - it gives us the flexibility to build solutions tailored uniquely for our customers. It was also important for us that our customers would be able to easily navigate in the service hub - Layerise also ticked that box.”

How was it to get started with Layerise?

“We kicked off the project mid-October and had to be live before Black Friday, which left us with only five weeks to build and launch our new online service hub. Layerise gave us a thorough introduction to the platform and helped us select and set up the most valuable features and workflows for our customers. They have been a true joy to work with, from start to finish, and always remained positive and eager to help and challenge us to build an even better after-sales solution. Since we partnered with Layerise, we’ve seen our own feedback reflected in several new features as well as product upgrades, which proves that Layerise truly cares about improving their customers’ situation.”

How would you describe your new after-sales solution?

“Our customers can now access an online service hub, in which they are carefully guided to the product information relevant to them. This personalized experience is possible because Layerise’s technology is not only highly customizable, but also uses data to automatically route the customer to the right place. By connecting the customer with the right product information from the start, the need to reach out to our customer support teams has dropped significantly.”

Key features:

  • Product registration

  • Customer live chat

  • FAQ

  • Reminders

  • Social media

  • Feedback

Which results have been achieved?

“It took us five weeks to launch a new post-sales solution that has reduced the number of repetitive questions by 10%. We are very satisfied with the result so far, and expect to see the number go down even further as we continue to improve our new solution.

We've really enjoyed working with Layerise. Their team has been a joy to work with; they're always willing to take our feedback and suggestions and turn them into real updates. We look forward to continuing to grow our business with Layerise as a key strategic partner.”

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