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"Layerise is great at breaking down advanced concepts into clear, bite-size chunks... Exactly how our customers want to digest information nowadays."

Tom Wilson-North

Marketing Manager


Nidecker Group


Rolle, Geneve, Switzerland


Sporting Goods

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How Layerise helped Nidecker present their latest innovation in a modern way

Inspired by nature and driven by a passion for action sports, Nidecker has been cultivating excellence for five generations since its foundation in Rolle, Switzerland in 1887. Nidecker has received multiple prizes for excellence in innovation and manufacturing and is renowed for having developed ground-breaking technologies that empower sportsmen and women to glide effortless on snow and water.

Tom Wilson-North, Marketing Manager at Nidecker, spoke with us recently about how Layerise has helped Nidecker present their latest innovation, the Supermatic, in a modern way.

Why did Nidecker need a different after-sales experience?

"Our Supermatic binding was really carefully designed – it’s a confluence of simple technologies operating together to provide our riders huge performance advantages. A snowboard binding which opens and closes by itself, and works with any boot. Simplicity and convenience is the result of all this complexity – so we needed a modern way to present the product. Also, we wanted it to work both before and after sales take place".

Why Layerise?

"Layerise ticked all our boxes. We had the choice between similar solutions before we signed with Layerise. Layerise was the only one which brought together the joint benefits of a slick UI at front and back end, fast support if we needed it and a strong value proposition. We’ve found Layerise good to work with, we’re happy."

How was it to get started with Layerise?

"Really easy – we put a tracker in place together so we could follow the open issues closely, and Layerise were flexible in offering small and easy to develop a la carte solutions to respond to our use case. We like the personal relationship we have with Layerise, and it slots into our tech stack seamlessly."

How would you describe your new after-sales solution?

"It’s an online version of the Supermatic instruction manual. Depending on the environment, we say it’s a Setup Guide, a Full Technical Recap… we haven’t landed on a name yet. But everyone agrees it’s useful."

Supermatic will hit the stores this fall. You can already today access its online Assistant here.

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