10 Top SMS Marketing Campaigns by Major Brands

10 Top SMS Marketing Campaigns by Major Brands

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In the ever-evolving landscape of marketing, SMS campaigns have emerged as a highly effective tool for reaching and engaging audiences.

With the ubiquity of mobile devices and the ease of accessing text messages, businesses have harnessed the power of SMS marketing to connect with customers in a direct and impactful way. However, in a crowded digital space, standing out from the competition requires innovation and creativity.

In the realm of marketing, these text message marketing campaigns have become a highly successful means of reaching and engaging customers directly.

With the rise of mobile devices and the ease of accessing text messages, businesses have recognized the potential of SMS marketing to deliver their messages effectively.

Gartner predicts that by 2025, 80% of firms will transition from native apps to SMS and messaging platforms. Numbers explain why that is the case:

  • Almost 60% of users reply to a text message within 1-2 minutes.

  • 45% of prospects choose a brand after getting an SMS.

  • 67% of users prefer texting with a business about scheduling and appointment to email or phone communication.

In this blog post, we will delve into the realm of SMS marketing and explore the top 10 most creative SMS marketing campaigns that have not only captured attention but also delivered impressive results. These campaigns have broken barriers, pushed boundaries, and showcased the potential of SMS as a captivating and results-driven marketing channel.

What is a SMS marketing campaign?

An SMS marketing campaign refers to a strategic approach where businesses use text messages to promote their products, services, or brand to a targeted audience.

An SMS marketing campaign involves sending carefully crafted messages, typically with a specific call-to-action, to a list of subscribers who have opted in to receive these messages.

The goal of an SMS marketing campaign is to engage customers, drive conversions, and foster customer loyalty through direct and personalized communication.

SMS marketing campaigns can include various tactics such as sending promotional offers, announcing new products, delivering exclusive content, conducting surveys, and more.

Here's why we love SMS marketing campaigns

1. Text messages have higher open and conversion rates.

SMS messages are delivered directly to the recipient's mobile device, making them easily accessible.

Unlike emails or social media messages that require an active internet connection or opening a specific app, SMS messages are received as notifications on the recipient's device, prompting immediate attention.

Accessibility is one of the main reasons why text messages have an astonishing 98% open rate and 29% conversion rates. These high rates make SMS services a boon to all enterprises seeking quick and effective marketing initiatives.

2. SMS marketing campaigns present low competition.

SMS marketing campaigns enjoy lower competition in comparison to email marketing.

This is primarily because users must actively opt-in to receive text messages from a business or brand. By requiring explicit permission, SMS marketing ensures that recipients have a genuine interest in the company's offerings, leading to a reduced competition for users' attention.

Moreover, text messages usually have a length limit of 160 characters. This limitation often dissuades some marketers from utilising SMS as a primary marketing channel. The brevity of SMS marketing messages may lead to exclusion by marketers who produce more expansive content formats. As a result, SMS marketing campaigns face relatively lower competition, allowing them to stand out and capture recipients' attention more effectively.

3. It is an extremely versatile and personalizable tool.

SMS services enable businesses to engage with customers effectively by sending personalized messages. They can announce sales, provide discounts, inform about new store openings, send appointment reminders, update online shoppers, and more.

Tailoring communications to customers' preferences enhances their experience and fosters brand loyalty. Through SMS messages you can tailor your communication to specific customer needs and preferences.

On top of that, SMS customer service also facilitates one-on-one text conversations between customers and support representatives, allowing for personalized assistance and efficient issue resolution.

4. Easy opt-in and opt-out for users

SMS marketing offers businesses the advantage of giving customers control over their message preferences.

Through short code and long-code numbers, customers can easily opt-in or opt-out of receiving messages. This instant response capability and simplicity contribute to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty, as they have the freedom to stop receiving messages if desired.

5. SMS campaigns are a great way to collect first party data

SMS campaigns offer businesses a valuable opportunity to collect first-party data directly from customers.

Through opt-in consent, interactive elements, personalized messaging, feedback collection, transactional data integration, and preference management, businesses can gather relevant and reliable customer information. This data enables targeted marketing, personalization, and improved customer satisfaction.

6. Customers value text messages

Service SMS messages, including appointment reminders, delivery status updates, and booking confirmations, hold significant value for customers. These messages are highly appreciated as they provide essential information, enhance the overall customer experience, and keep recipients well-informed. Customers value these service-oriented messages as they contribute to their convenience, satisfaction, and peace of mind.

10 Powerful SMS Marketing Campaigns

SMS marketing is a great tool to engage with customers and market new products, but a strategy is needed to deliver optimal results.


Nike, a global sportswear giant, leveraged SMS marketing to inform customers about exclusive product launches, limited edition releases, and personalized offers based on their preferences and past purchases.

For example, in response to unexpected policy changes, Nike's North America (NA) Brand Team swiftly implemented a tailored SMS marketing campaign to notify customers about upcoming product releases.

Despite a tight timeline of just 2 weeks, including a holiday period, Nike successfully engaged with their audience and directed them to Nike.com, amplifying product awareness and leveraging SMS marketing as a vital promotional tool.

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Chipotle, a popular fast-food chain, used SMS marketing to run interactive campaigns, such as text-to-win contests, where customers had a chance to win free meals or discounts. Additionally, they sent out time-sensitive promotions to create a sense of urgency and encourage immediate action.

For example, during the NBA Finals, they incorporated a unique keyword in their TV ads, allowing Chipotle Rewards members to access exclusive buy-one, get-one-free (BOGO) offers by simply texting the keyword to a designated SMS short code.

By tapping into the pervasive use of text messaging, Chipotle engaged their audience and achieved rapid response rates, with offers being claimed within minutes and even seconds. This approach not only effectively reached existing loyalty program members but also increased awareness and interest among non-members.

Furthermore, by emphasizing Chipotle Rewards, they gathered valuable first-party consumer data, which is especially valuable in an evolving privacy landscape. Chipotle's adept use of SMS marketing demonstrates their ability to leverage mobile technology and personalize campaigns, ultimately driving customer engagement and loyalty.


Starbucks, known for its coffee and loyal customer base, utilized SMS marketing to engage with their rewards program members. They sent personalized messages with offers and encouraged customers to participate in special events, like coffee tastings or early access to new seasonal beverages.

For instance, Starbucks leveraged SMS marketing to inform coffee lovers about its upcoming Frappuccino Happy Hour. Through an email campaign, Starbucks encourages consumers to text the keyword HAPPY to the short code 697289 to sign up for reminders. Upon opting in, customers receive a confirmation message and can reply STOP HAPPY to opt out.

This SMS initiative allows Starbucks to maintain an ongoing conversation with customers, keeping them informed about promotions and fostering a relationship. This strategy complements the company's mobile-focused approach, which includes initiatives like the My Starbucks Rewards program.

By utilizing permission-based SMS, Starbucks provides immediate and relevant communication to customers, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience.


IKEA, a well-known furniture retailer, employed SMS marketing to provide subscribers with design inspiration, tips, and DIY ideas for home improvement projects.

IKEA has successfully implemented SMS marketing as part of its overall marketing strategy:

To facilitate customer enrollment in the loyalty program, IKEA uses in-store tablets. Store employees can sign up new customers using these tablets, and customers receive SMS alerts to stay updated on new products and exclusive offers. This mobile-centric approach aligns with IKEA's belief in providing information to customers when and where they want it.

Furthermore, the IKEA Family program aims to reward loyal customers with discounts and special offers throughout the store. Customers can sign up for the program in-store using an in-store kiosk and receive a membership card instantly.

Customers can opt-in to receive SMS alerts via the tablets. While IKEA had an existing SMS program for in-store campaigns, sweepstakes, and real-time feedback, the focus has now shifted towards delivering targeted content specifically for IKEA Family members. For example, SMS messages were sent to opted-in customers in Seattle, informing them about the arrival of the loyalty program and requesting their email addresses for preregistration.

Moreover, SMS messaging enables customers who forgot their loyalty card to receive a discount at the cash register. By texting a keyword to a short code, customers can receive a message with their card number, which can be shown to the cashier for validation.

IKEA recognizes the value of integrating various communication channels and tying them together. By offering SMS messaging as part of the loyalty program, IKEA can connect with customers on multiple platforms, ultimately increasing customer engagement and loyalty.

The company plans to expand its loyalty-specific SMS text messages, as it has observed that customers enrolled in the SMS program and IKEA Family are more active and valuable.

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Beautylish, the San Francisco-based beauty retailer, effectively utilizes SMS marketing to engage with its customers and provide an interactive and personalized experience. Here's how Beautylish uses SMS marketing:

  • Delivery Confirmation Alerts: Beautylish sends SMS alerts to customers to confirm their order and provide delivery status updates. These alerts include essential information such as the brand name, order confirmation number, and delivery status. By keeping customers informed about their orders, Beautylish enhances the customer experience and establishes trust.

  • Interactive Engagement: Beautylish goes beyond a simple delivery confirmation alert by incorporating interactive elements. They encourage customers to participate by rating their level of excitement over order delivery. If customers choose to respond, Beautylish sends them a GIF in response. This interactive and entertaining interaction creates a memorable experience, fostering a positive brand perception and building customer loyalty.

  • Conversation and Feedback: Beautylish's approach opens up opportunities for conversation and feedback with customers. By incorporating two-way communication, they strengthen engagement and loyalty. This type of SMS communication can be used to gather quick and concise customer reviews, ratings, and feedback on purchased products. It also serves as an effective medium to gently prompt customers to participate in Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys, allowing Beautylish to gather valuable insights and improve its offerings.

  • Strengthening Engagement and Loyalty: The interactive nature of Beautylish's SMS marketing strategy helps to strengthen engagement and loyalty. By providing customers with an enjoyable experience and giving them an opportunity to interact with the brand, Beautylish fosters a deeper connection. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction, repeat purchases, and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

Domino's pizza

Domino's leverages SMS marketing in various ways to increase sales and customer engagement. They carefully plan and schedule their campaigns, ensuring effective timing to capture recipients' attention.

Their messages feature clear calls to action, using persuasive language to drive immediate action. Personalization and segmentation techniques are applied to deliver targeted offers and localized promotions.

Domino's directs customers to their mobile-friendly website for seamless ordering and they also capitalize on seasonal events and special occasions to keep their marketing fresh and relevant.

These comprehensive SMS marketing strategies have contributed to Domino's success in maximizing sales and creating a compelling brand experience for customers.


Macy's, a prominent department store chain, integrated SMS marketing into their loyalty program. Subscribers received early access to sales events, exclusive deals, and personalized product recommendations based on their shopping habits, enhancing customer satisfaction and retention.


HBO, a leading entertainment network, employed SMS marketing strategy to promote upcoming shows, series premieres, and subscription offers. They also used SMS to provide sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes content, building excitement and anticipation among their audience.

For example, HBO utilized SMS marketing to create excitement and engage fans leading up to the launch of Season Six of Game of Thrones.

During the summer hiatus, they implemented a teaser campaign that involved sending interactive content to SMS subscribers.

One of the highlights was a temporary video sneak peek of the upcoming season, which generated significant interest. Within the first two months of the campaign, approximately 70,000 subscribers eagerly signed up to receive these exclusive updates.


Burberry, a luxury fashion brand, used SMS marketing to engage their high-end clientele by offering exclusive invitations to fashion shows, private shopping events, and previews of new collections. This personalized approach strengthened the brand's relationship with its customers. Read more about Burberry here:


Ryanair, a prominent low-cost airline, utilized SMS marketing to keep travelers informed about flight updates, travel deals, and promotional offers. They also sent out reminders for online check-ins and offered discounts for ancillary services like priority boarding or extra baggage allowance.

Passengers flying with Ryanair from City of Derry Airport no longer need to print booking details thanks to mobile phone text messaging. This way they collect data and they send both reminders (bookings, delay) and also marketing messages if accepted by the customer.

SMS marketing campaigns with Layerise

Layerise revolutionizes SMS marketing by providing a range of powerful features that can greatly improve your marketing efforts.

Collect first party data

With Layerise, you can effortlessly collect valuable first-party data about your customers, allowing you to gain deeper insights into their preferences and behaviors. By leveraging this information, you can create personalized user experiences that resonate with your audience on a whole new level.

Automated marketing campaigns

One of the key advantages of using Layerise is its ability to automate marketing campaigns. By utilizing the data you've collected, you can easily design and deploy automated marketing campaigns tailored specifically to your target demographic. This streamlines your marketing processes, saves time, and ensures that your messages reach the right people at the right time.

Personalized text messages

Crafting personalized text messages has never been easier with Layerise. The platform empowers you to create compelling messages with relevant calls to action, increasing the chances of conversion. By delivering personalized content, you can capture your audience's attention, drive engagement, and boost conversion rates significantly. Unsubscribe rates can be a concern for any marketer, but with Layerise, you can effectively reduce them.

The intelligent and savvy campaign design provided by Layerise helps brands optimize their SMS marketing strategies and engage customers in a way that keeps them interested and subscribed for the long term. This ensures continuous customer engagement and prevents the loss of valuable leads.


Seamless integration with CRM

Furthermore, Layerise seamlessly integrates with customer relationship management (CRM) systems and marketing platforms, enabling you to consolidate and streamline your customer data. This integration allows you to build enduring relationships with your customers, while also generating recurring revenue through targeted marketing efforts.

Layerise empowers you to unlock the full potential of your CRM and marketing capabilities, enabling you to maximize the value of your customer interactions.

In summary, Layerise is a comprehensive SMS marketing solution that empowers businesses to collect first-party data, automate campaigns, personalize messages, reduce unsubscribe rates, and integrate CRM and marketing capabilities.

By utilizing Layerise, you can supercharge your SMS marketing campaigns and achieve exceptional results in customer engagement and conversion.