8 Ways To Increase Your Product Registration Rate

8 Ways To Increase Your Product Registration Rate

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Product registration is how you streamline the customer service processes, keep track of how your product is received and used and increase customer touch points. It’s alsgreat way of collecting customer data that helps you retain customers, upsell and cross-sell.

The problem is that customers are busy and lazy, like most of us. Long and seemingly tedious forms put them off further, and most customers skip registration altogether. The University of Michigan conducted a detailed survey of over 500 consumers in 2015 and concluded that customers like registering their products but not going through the process.

Read on to learn more about customer registration rates and how they can be a dynamic factor in your marketing strategy. We’ll also discuss how you can mobilize your customers to register and increase product registration rates.

What is customer registration rate?

Product registration or customer registration rate is the percentage of customers that register their purchase with the manufacturer. Registration can be done via a mail-in form or, more commonly, online through the company’s official website. 

Why should your brand care about your customer registration rate? Not registering means missing out on buyer data and multiple chances to connect with your end consumer directly.

Customer registration is one of your brand's best sources of first-party data. This data can then be processed to generate statistics specific to your industry and niche. That’s you’re your customer registration process helps you gain valuable insight into:

  • Customer demographics

  • What products are most popular?

  • Common complaints: How products can be improved

  • Which marketing avenues are most effective?

  • Changing customer preferences and industry trends

8 Ways to increase product registration rate

Let’s face it, customer registration is far more helpful for brands than it is for its consumer. For consumers, a registration form stands in the way of getting information or customer service. 

That’s why the most pivotal element in increasing customer registration rate is showing buyers what’s in it for them to hold their attention span. Here are some strategies to boost your product registration rates:

1. Decrease drop off rate

Is the registration form too lengthy? Does the page take too long to load? Multiple factors can discourage your buyers from completing the online registration process.

Pinpointing the exact areas of the product registration process where most users drop off can help clarify why customers aren’t registering. Once you know where most website visitors drop off, you can work on strategies to reduce that number and improve the registration process.

2. Increase customer attention creatively

Money might not be able to buy happiness, but buying a shiny new gadget or the latest fitness equipment sure is exciting. This excitement doesn’t last long, so make sure your product registration process manages to prolong the buzz by delivering a killer first impression.

It’s essential to engage customers from the get-go. Only ask for crucial information, such as contact details, during the registration process. Other information, such as demographics or interests, can be obtained through other sources, such as social media.

3. Simplify the process, incentivize the customers

Keep in mind that attention spans are getting shorter. The importance of simplifying the registration process cannot be stressed enough. Reduce the number of steps between when a customer logs on to your website and submitting the registration form. Don’t expect the customer to remember log-in details or fill in lengthy serial numbers.

Secondly, be clear on what consumers stand to gain by competing registration. By showing consumers how registration increases the value of their purchase, you can deliver a lasting positive impression. 

It could be easier access to customer service, quick reference FAQs, or other free content. Adding value to the registration process is a surefire way of increasing your product registration rate.

4. Capitalize on the element of surprise

We all love getting a little extra, but customers love it more when it's unexpected. Including an element of surprise is a great way to positively impact your customer and reward them instantly for completing registration.

That could be a pop-up of a 10% discount code or a freebie with their next order. Or you could surprise them with access to exclusive content, tutorials, or other resources. Over-delivering is always a better strategy than over-promising.

5. Deliver lasting value and service

No matter how easy the registration process might be, the only way to retain customers long-term is to use the product registration data to add real value to your customer’s purchases.

Show consumers how registration helps you serve them better (and faster!) in the long run. Include details of how they receive customer support, safety information, and product updates they need through registering.

6. Harvest customer trust

Your customer’s trust in your brand is directly proportionate to your product registration rate. Make sure your customers can see how your company keeps their data safe.

Most customers stated unwanted emails, messages, and marketing attempts as a key reason they hesitate to give out information during the registration process. Ensure your brand delivers value and avoid sales-y messages during and after customer registration. Make it just as simple for customers to opt-out if fear of spam keeps them from registering.

7. Meet consumers where they are

Up to 47% of younger consumers chose mobile registration as their preferred method of registering their purchases with brands. Capitalize on this trend by making your website and customer registration process mobile-friendly.

Facilitating your customer means enabling registration with an existing email or using just their phone number to register. Use social media apps and online forums to encourage buyers to sign up and keep in touch.

8. Think outside the website form box

Website forms have replaced mail-in registration forms during the past decade but looks like their time’s up now too. Creativity can help keep customers on your website or app long enough to harvest precious data and increase registration rates. As long as the registration process is:

  • Fairly straightforward

  • Flows in a natural cycle for website users

  • Includes clear CTAs

  • Gathers crucial information

It can be modified to reflect your industry, brand, and genre. Registration could mean simply scanning the QR code or bar code with a mobile app or posing questions as a game or quiz.

How Layerise helps you increase customer registration rate

Layerise combines a data-driven approach with the latest technology, such as in-depth analytics and  AI-powered automation, to streamline the registration process and maximize its benefits for you and your customer.

Secondly, Layerise helps you leverage the power of short videos based on the data collected through customer registration. Not only does that empower your customer through self-service, but it also reduces the time and resources it takes you to resolve customer queries.

Improving product registration rates means better customer retention and more chances to upsell and cross-sell. Not only that, product registration helps you design better buyer persons and improve how you design, manufacture, and market your products.

Want to gain this vantage point into how consumers think and improve your customer service? Try out Layerise’s free demo today.