August'20 Product Announcements

August'20 Product Announcements

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It's time for a super exciting product update. We have been enjoying the summer as much as anyone else living in the northern hemisphere, but we have also been working on exciting product enhancements. This month we are releasing the ability to import Topics and Highlights, besides, we are now ready for Layerise for mobile - a complete revamp of our UI to support your activities done from your handheld device.

Import made easy

When applying the Layerise solution to your product portfolio you must be able to create your Assistants with ease. This is something we are constantly tweaking and improving.

Import content - Layerise Product Update August

This month, we are making it even faster and easier to set up an Assistant with the ability to import already existing Topics or Highlights to any Experience language.

Import Topics

Redundant work is never smart, nor is the action of copy and paste of material. The work you have done previously should come to your benefit, either as a complete duplicate or as a starting point to something new. With the import of a Topic, you do not have to work redundantly or spend time on copying and pasting.

To import the Topics go to the experience editor. From here you can import one or multiple Topics in one go. The import list of Topics will provide the following Topic (also valid for import Highlight declared below) metadata for better import overview:

  • product origin

  • experience origin

  • create date

  • publishing status

  • language

Import Topics - August Product Update Layerise

Import Highlights

Equally, as with Topics, we are pushing out the ability to import existing Highlights. Often you want to reuse existing material, especially Highlights as they can be generic or focus on product abilities that many of your products share. Instead of redoing your highlights now, you can just import one from the Highlight library.

Importing one or multiple Highlights is very easy. Go the experience editor. From here you can import any Highlight from your library. The library contains all Highlights across all your experiences.

Import Highlight - Layerise August Product Update

Archived Highlights or Topics will not be available in the import library.

Layerise for mobile

An area we are constantly improving is the product experience. We think that building a product that provides great experience and value is the single most important goal of our business. With that in mind, we are tweaking and adjusting our offering all the time. For this release, we have decided to do a bigger revamp of our Layerise for the mobile offering.

Layerise Mobile - Product Update August

While on the go we now allow you to perform all core functions directly from your handheld device. Thus until now, some features have been available on smaller screens but they have not been particularly optimised for small screen usage. We have improved that now by focusing on enhancing the UI and UX while using Layerise on smaller screens.

Layerise Mobile - Product Update August

With this update, we are also enhancing our mobile navigation for easier feature accessibility and speed of navigation. In total you are now able to use following Layerise features on your mobile device:

  • Products

  • Experiences

  • Dialog

  • Search

  • Insights

  • Feedback

Release date

We will be rolling out this release on Thursday the 20th of August 2020. All features, mentioned in this post, will be available for Free and Paid plans. As always, if you have any questions or need help, please reach out.