Warranty review, chat enhancement and customer cards

Warranty review, chat enhancement and customer cards

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With October just around the corner, we want to get into the autumn vibe with an exciting product update. For this release, we have focused on the primary features that many of you use as your daily drivers. We want to provide more feature value, by allowing you to do more with fewer actions. With this in mind, we have completely redesigned the warrant review flow, we are introducing a completely new set of rich platform broad customer detail cards, and finally, we are happy to introduce a new chat experience, built from the ground up to support a lot of amazing features including in-chat video sharing.

Improved warranty review process

With this release, we are introducing a new way of reviewing warranty requests. Whilst a warranty can be issued without any requirements or review process, you are now able to manage warranty issuing in a much more controllable fashion.

review warranty closeup@2x

The enhanced review flow allows you to contextually review if the warranty requirements have been met while at the same time manage your customer expectation.

Proof of purchase

Providing a product warranty to your customer upon purchase is in most cases required. However, the way the warranty is provided and under which circumstances is very important to get right. With our new warranty review in place, you are now able to configure your review issuing to include certain requirements including newly added proof of purchase.

With the proof of purchase requirement you gain several advantages:

  • Validation of the genuine purchase

  • Purchase markers as to when and where the purchase occurred

  • Customer purchase wallet

Finally, to ensure that your customers do not have to go through a lot of work to provide purchase proof the customer will not be requested to share the purchase details through a lengthy form. Instead, a single click to share for instance an image of the receipt will do the trick.

Introducing better customer cards

In our quest to provide you with the best and most comprehensive customer data throughout the complete customer life cycle we are relentlessly working to improve customer data capabilities. With this product update, we are releasing a completely new set of customer data cards.

customer cards@2x

Customer cards will now be present through your Layerise account and contextually available with information that is relevant and optimised for your objective.

Customer profile card

The customer profile card will show several key pieces of information aiming at giving you the best possible insights into the customer. Not only is the card going to present all the known identification data that the customer has shared with you it will also allow you to get an understanding of what products the customer has purchased, the customer activity level and much more.

customer card

With the improved customer cards, you are now able to get insights that also cover details as customer gender, timezone, device preference, UTM and referrer data.

More powerful Chat

Last but not least, we are releasing a chat experience that is on steroids. For this release, we have done a lot of work to make Chat faster, more reliant, extra powerful and very context-rich. We have rebuilt the Chat from the ground up to support our need to provide the most immersive and data-rich messaging experience.

inbox list@2x

As evident above, we are also introducing many design changes that cover how conversations are displayed. The chat thread has been optimised for natural eye movement and readability, and customer and product data are now highlighted in the sidebar.

Context and data-rich

With the new Chat, you will have an unprecedented data overview covering customer insights. This will enable you to view and utilise all data pieces that have been aggregated to contextually enrich your conversation with your customers. In parallel with the customer data being available, you now also have access to all Product Assistant content. This enables you to utilise the content for sharing as described below, however by default, you will also now be able to quickly review what content the customer has been engaging with.

Content sharing

Many of you have requested the ability to share Product Assistant content directly with customers while chatting. With this release, we are now making it much easier for you to find and share your content directly with a customer. No more back and forth between screens and tabs to locate content or actions, now you can share any component without ever leaving the conversation. It's simple and immersive.


In-chat video support

We know. This feature has taken some time for us to get out. But it's finally here and we believe it's going to be amazing. Your customer and you, are now able to share video content. Video uploaded by your customers will be automatically added and viewable inside a chat thread.

Composer and notes

As the final piece, we have also redesigned the conversation composer and notes taking.


As evident above, the new composer allows for a much better writing experience. It also introduces a new paradigm in terms of how notes are recorded. This provides a much safer UX as it indicates that notes are for internal use only and are not shared with your customers.

Thank you for your support!

All features covered in this release are rolling out over the next couple of weeks and are made available in your account. Moreover, all features will be available for all marketed plans as declared on our plan overview page.

As always, do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or need a helping hand.