Capture any customer data with Forms

Capture any customer data with Forms

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Today, we're launching a significant enhancement on how you collect customer data with Layerise. With this release, we're improving one of the core features of Layerise: product registrations. 

Over the last months, many of you have participated in our product registration research which has built the foundation for this release and the next many to come. Along with your feedback and more than hundreds of product registration forms analyzed, we're happy to release Forms, an end-to-end improvement on how product registrations work. 

Quick overview of Forms

Below is a quick overview of use cases and features that Forms include

  • Select and customize any data you want to capture from your customers during the registration event. 

  • Use Forms data to segment and group your customers based on a multitude of factors like region, gender, income ranges, and much much more; only your creativity is the limit. 

  • With Forms, you can collect the correct data to create hyper-specific and personal campaigns by matching customer registration responses with your campaign's communication. 

  • Discover new markets and trends before your competitors.

  • Lower your customer support response time by having all the necessary product and customer data available when your customers reach out for support, warranty claims, troubleshooting, or refunding. 

Capture the same data in different languages

Forms are built with the end-customer experience in mind for a high conversion rate; all questions are translated and designed to meet local expectations, from right-to-left languages, currency input, or date pickers.  This means not only a high conversion rate but also provides the possibility to compare and measure answers across regions, languages, and more.


Get a headstart with Form templates

We analyzed hundreds of product registration forms and combined them with our high conversion expertise and localization experts to provide more than 26 premade templates. These templates are purpose-driven and localized in 32 languages; with just one click, you support more than 80% of the world's population in their native language.


To get started with templates, all you have to do is decide which one fits your needs, as we cover many use-cases like 

  • Upsell services 

  • Customer profiling 

  • Purchase origins 

  • Product feedback 

  • And much more

Capture any type of data

One of the most significant improvements to the release is the possibility of capturing more than 60 new data types, allowing you to improve your after-sales strategy from service to campaigns. The new data types are categorized into the following five different categories:


A category focused on profiling your customers, here you'll find the possibility to capture data like:

  • Email

  • Customer name

  • Home address

  • Birthday

  • Gender

  • And many many more


A category focusing on helping you collect data is essential for servicing your customers, whether it's troubleshooting, warranty claims, or customer support. In the warranty category, you can capture data like:

  • Serial number

  • Proof of purchase

  • Purchase date

  • Installation date

  • Order number

  • And many, many more


The category name speaks for itself. This category focuses on getting a deep understanding of your customers, especially their decision-making, and finding new revenue streams. In the marketing category, you can capture data like:

  • Product price

  • Product feature influence

  • Product source

  • Ownership amount

  • Brand source

  • And many, many more


A category with a strong focus on creating up-sell opportunities. Discover customers ready to buy additional services or products from you. The service category contains data collections like:

  • Insurance

  • Product

  • Priority support

  • Product service upsell

  • Warranty upsell

  • And many, many more


Any data selected within this category will help you capture product registration data like

  • Model number

  • Style number

An overview of what's included in a template

A template contains multiple parts that all work together to collect the correct data without compromising a high conversion rate and excellent customer experiences. Below is an overview of what a registration template contains:

  • Benefits (Up to 3 customer benefits they receive for registering their product).

  • Customer authentication (Validating customer with phone number activation).

  • Questions (Up to 7 ready-made questions).

  • Product registration confirmation.


Customize the template to match your needs

While our templates give you an excellent base to get started with, not all companies and needs are the same; hence we built the possibility to choose two options you can configure per question.

Customize the individual questions

The first one is being able to set whether the question is required. This can be important to consider as you may be asking questions some customers will find too personal or questions they cannot answer in the given situation. Setting a question to be required means you cannot skip answering the question, while setting the question to not required means a skip button will be present on the answer form.  

The second option is the ability to delete the question entirely. All the templates have been conducted with a clear business purpose; however, as mentioned above, not all companies and needs are the same, so if the template comes with a question you don't need, you can delete it. 

Default form or multiple forms?

Many companies have different product categories and might need various registration benefits or other kinds of product registration data. To mitigate this, we allow you to create as many registration forms as you see required and connect them to the applicable product or product categories. Furthermore, any company will have a default form; this form is the fallback whenever a product is created without being connected to a specific form. This allows you always to have the safety of capturing vital business data but also in case you want all your products to have the same form. 

Customizing the shown benefits

One of the very important pieces in keeping a high conversion rate is giving your customers the right incentives to go through the process of registering their products. With this release, we're moving the benefits right into the registration event, encouraging your customers at the very last step before adding their personal data.  

Similar to the questions in templates, benefits are ready to use and translated into 32 languages divided into the nine different benefit use-case categories:

  1. Promotional offers

  2. Safety

  3. Tips & Tricks

  4. Convenience

  5. Customer care

  6. Lottery

  7. News

  8. Warranty service

  9. Other


See customers responses

As mentioned in the intro, one part is mining the data the other part is how the data is handled. Hence we're introducing changes throughout our offering to make the captured data actionable and understandable.

The first part is a clear overview of each customer's individual responses as part of their product registration. With the Forms release, the customer page has been updated with a new and improved activity timeline highlighting what matters. From the activity timeline, you can switch to a new section called Registrations, from here you can see all registrations happening in real-time, including the answers. 

customer detail@2x

Thank you for the support

Forms covered in this release roll out on the 09th of February and are an add-on feature. If you don't have access or want a personal walkthrough demo, please

As always, do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or need a helping hand.

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Layerise offers a full suite of services to take your after-sales strategy to the next level with Forms capturing customer data to service, automation, live support, warranty management, CRM & Segmentation, detailed personas and behavior reports, and SMS campaigns.