Elevate Your Marketing with Active Lists

Elevate Your Marketing with Active Lists

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We're delighted to unveil the latest addition to our ever-evolving platform: Active Lists. At Layerise, our dedication to amplifying your customer engagement is unwavering. With each feature update, we aim to offer you tools that are not only intuitive but also profoundly impactful. Active Lists stands as a testament to this commitment, giving you unprecedented control over customer data in real-time. Imagine not just reaching your audience, but reaching the right segments at the right time, every time. That's the power of Active Lists.

What Are Active Lists?

Active Lists are dynamic, automated collections of customer data that constantly evolve based on the criteria you define. Unlike static databases that require manual updating, Active Lists self-refresh to include or exclude customers as they meet or fail to meet the specified criteria. This ensures that your customer lists are always current and relevant, adjusting to real-time changes in customer behavior or status.

How Do Active Lists Differ from Static Lists?

While Static Lists are fixed collections that stay constant until you manually update them, Active Lists are in a state of continuous update. They offer a 'set it and forget it' approach; once you define your criteria, the lists automatically adjust. Customers join an Active List when they meet the criteria and leave when they no longer meet those conditions. This automated adaptability makes Active Lists a more intelligent and efficient tool for real-time customer data management.

How to Create an Active List

Creating an Active List with Layerise is incredibly straightforward, designed with your convenience in mind. It all begins with selecting filters that act as conditions or criteria for populating your list. For instance, you might choose filters such as "Purchase Intent Score," "Customer Last Active," "Country," or "Registered Product." Each filter is a gatekeeper; only when a customer meets the conditions defined by these filters do they get added to your Active List. This means your list is always populated with the most relevant and actionable customer data, invaluable for brands who are looking to refine their consumer engagement strategies. The simplicity and power of Active Lists make them an indispensable tool for modern customer data management.

Active Lists - Filters - Layerise

Real-World Scenarios Leveraging Active Lists

Active Lists are incredibly versatile, serving various purposes that go far beyond basic customer data segmentation. Here are some impactful ways you can deploy Active Lists:

  • Customer stage grouping: Segment customers by different stages in the customer journey to continually assess behaviors and characteristics, refining your marketing strategy accordingly.

  • Targeted SMS campaigns: Instead of manually selecting recipients for every SMS campaign, an Active List manages your continually changing customer base, ensuring that the right message reaches the right people at the right time.

  • Survey segmentation: Use Active Lists to identify the perfect candidates for consumer surveys or feedback forms, ensuring more meaningful results.

  • Inventory and Retention: Keep a pulse on which customers have recently purchased particular products, helping you to manage inventory and target retention efforts effectively.

  • Cross-Selling and Up-Selling: An Active List can identify customers who might be interested in complimentary or premium products based on their behavior and previous purchases, making your sales initiatives more targeted and effective.

We know that you, as a consumer goods brand, may often find it challenging to gather in-depth customer data. Layerise's Active Lists are designed to change this aspect for you. Now, even if you're starting with a limited data pool, you can effortlessly create dynamic, real-time customer lists. This is very empowering for the organisation and especially the marketing team.

Download Your Lists, Anytime, Anywhere

Want to take your customer insights outside of Layerise? No problem. The new update also allows you to download both Active and Static Lists. Whether you want to share them with other departments in your organization or use them for external marketing activities, you have complete freedom.

Active Lists - Export - Layerise

Thank You for Your Ongoing Support

We're excited to unveil this current update as a monumental stride in our long-standing commitment to take your customer data management to the next level. The groundbreaking debut of Active Lists is designed to supercharge your marketing initiatives like never before. We're confident this update will make a significant difference in your daily operations and long-term success.

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