Improved permissions and new workspace picker

Improved permissions and new workspace picker

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Summer has brought in a heatwave of new exciting features for the Layerise platform, and we're happy to announce three areas with significant improvements:

  1. New permissions

  2. New workspace picker

  3. Settings overhaul

Together the three improvements mentioned above provide a more flexible setup for your company to handle workspaces and members inside the platform. With these improvements, you can customize your account to match your company's security and brand control requirements.

New permissions

Not all companies work the same way, and tasks are split among multiple people, departments, and agencies. While Layerise already supported a few permissions management features, we weren't happy with the lack of flexibility it provided. With this release, we have entirely rebuilt the permissions set from the ground up, with a clear focus on making it scalable but also more flexible than ever.

The new permission set has four different components that build up its flexibility:

  1. Allowing multiple admins

  2. Control member's access per workspace

  3. Member permission control per workspace

  4. Three new roles per permission type

Allowing multiple admins

One of the areas that became very evident with the old permissions set is that it didn't scale well as more members became part of your account. Relying on only one person to have the ability to do top-level operations inside the Layerise platform wasn't sustainable, and with this release, we're introducing the possibility of having multiple admins.

Control member access per workspace

Together with the new permissions set, we're also making it easier to manage each member's access to workspaces. If your company has numerous workspaces, you can now control members' access and permissions to each workspace.


With such flexibility, it's essential to understand who has access to what; hence we built a dedicated page in admin settings to provide such an overview. From here, you can manage your admins and get an overview of what workspaces each member has access to, including their permissions.

Member permissions per workspace

While restricting your members from accessing specific workspaces provides flexibility, there might be cases where you want them to have access but only to particular areas in that workspace. With this release, this is now possible; permissions are now set per workspace per member. By setting permissions per workspace, you can set up exactly what your member has access to and not per workspace.

3 new roles per permission type

While many of you used the old permission set, you also shared the lack of flexibility the two permissions roles had. In this release, we're happy to announce that due to this feedback, we're introducing the following three permissions roles:

  1. Contributor (you can do everything in this area).

  2. Viewer (you're only able to view this area).

  3. No access (you can't access this area).

invite modal

These new roles are set per area in the Layerise platform, which allows you to invite a new member to have contribution access to conversations while the member can't access the rest of the platform.

Furthermore, we have increased the areas permissions can be set in Layerise to these six:

  1. Library

  2. Conversations

  3. Service

  4. Workspace settings

  5. Marketing

  6. Automation

We're super excited about the new, improved permissions, and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

New workspace picker

With the new permissions, we have streamlined each section in the Layerise platform to only show per workspace data. With such significant change, the ability to switch workspace quickly is critical; due to this, we have redesigned the way you switch workspace. The new workspace picker makes it possible to change workspace with one click and gives you a clear overview of what workspaces you can access.

new navigation 2

Additional improvements

Lastly, we have split the settings into two sections to match the new permissions:

  1. Organization settings; this section is only accessible as an admin, in here, you can configure top-level settings like plan management, usage overview, and billing.

  2. Workspace settings; this section allows members with the correct permissions and admins to control each workspace's settings, like brand setup, domain, member access, and integrations.


Thank you for your support!

All features covered in this release are rolling out over the next few days and are made available in your account. Moreover, all features will be available for all marketed plans as declared on our plan overview page.

As always, do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or need a helping hand.