July'20 Product Announcements

July'20 Product Announcements

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At any given time we have many ongoing projects that aim to make your Layerise experience even better and increasingly more valuable. Some of these projects take more time to get right, and we keep on improving and iterating until we make sure it's just perfect. This month we are releasing Feedback, a feature to shorten the very important customer feedback loop. At the same time, we are releasing insights for Topics.


With the Feedback feature, we want to ensure that any customer can send his or her feedback directly through the Assistant. As customers engage with the Assistant they might get an idea or have crucial feedback for content improvements. We want to make sure that customers can easily and at any time share the good and the bad with you.

Layerise - July product update - Feedback

With this release, you can read the customer feedback by going to the Feedback section. Here you will be able to filter through customer feedback by product. Moreover, you can distinguish any piece of feedback by positive and negative inputs.

Topic insights

One of the goals we have is to provide the best and most powerful content creation tool. For us, this does not only mean a tool that allows content to be created fast or with collaboration abilities. We want to provide a content creation tool that injects insights directly into the content creation pipeline.

Creating content in a vacuum is just not optimal. Not being able to understand how well your content is performing just does not makes sense. This is especially true for content produced to teach and instruct. To create a much better content delivery and to help you improve your content over time, this release will enable you to track the performance of every Topic.

Layerise - July Product Announcement - Topic Insights

Performance indicators

For every Topic you publish you will be able to get insights. In this release we are including 4 performance indicators:

  • Total sessions

  • Read length

  • Sessions per customer

  • Session duration

Layerise - July Product Announcement - Topic Insights
Total Sessions

Allows you to see how many customers have engaged with the specific Topic

Read length

See the customer average Topic reading length

Sessions per customer

See the customer average sessions count

Read length

See the customer average sessions duration in time

Customer detail page

As part of this update, and as a continuation of June update, we are also releasing a modification to the customer detail page, which will now allow you to see the complete Assistant interaction history as well as provide a customer-specific overview on customer Dialog and Feedback activity.

Release date

Features described in this release will be available on Wednesday the 15th of July and will be available on any Layerise plan. As always, if you have any questions or need help please reach out.