June'20 Product Announcements

June'20 Product Announcements

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Layerise - June 2020 Customer Detail page

At Layerise we are in the summer mood and with a few extra sun hours, plus most likely too much coffee, our productivity has skyrocketed. As always, we use our momentum to produce great solutions and provide a better service, and for our June product update we are releasing Apps (formerly known as Add-ons), customer behaviour tracking and improved customer detail UX.


Over the last many quarters we have been addressing the need for advanced configuration by providing small and powerful add-ons. These add-ons allowed you to quickly and easily enable additional features such as customisation abilities, advanced Dialog setup and much more. As this has been very popular, and many of you have requested additional features to be added to the Add-on library, we have decided to rethink our Add-on offering as we wanted to provide you with a solution that can serve your needs well and even with better results.

Layerise - Product Update June 2020

With this release, we are renaming Add-ons to Apps. Also, we are expanding the library of Apps to include interoperability options, third party editor tools, and at the same time keeping all the already known configuration options available.

Behaviour tracking

At Layerise we want to empower you to provide the best possible post-sales experience for your customers with the use of Layerise Product Assistants. At the same time, we want the end-consumer to feel that the Product Assistant they engage with is the most useful and empowering assistant for the product they have acquired. To do that, we have spent a lot of time studying and mapping out the solutions that provide the abilities required to reach our goal.

With this update, we are taking another large leap towards our goal by:

  • gamifying product content consumption,

  • and providing deep behaviour tracking.

Content consumption as a game

Making sure that your content is read and understood, requires careful content production. The content and material need to be written or made to educate and at the same time provide valuable content experience.

This can be difficult and sometimes very hard to reach when dealing with complex products, product attributes or even very important hazardous information. Even though our Product Assistant already outperforms the conventional printed user manual or classical web knowledge-base, we still want to move the needle even further.

Layerise - June 2020 - Progress bar

With this release, we are gamifying content consumption by helping your customers keep track of how much they have read. As evident to the above animation, every customer will now see a progress indicator as they go through your material. When a piece of content has been completely viewed it will be marked as completed and the customer will get a visual cue of what they have accomplished and what is left to be consumed.

Our research shows that immediate gratification, a clear overview of what has been accomplished and what is left to be seen, has a great impact on how much the individual customer consumes.

In addition to the ability where the Product Assistant enables the customer to see the reading history, the Product Assistant is also providing customers with the ability to quickly move to the next content piece, send feedback and even ask for help when the material is not sufficient.

Understand your customers

While the gamification of content consumption helps your overall customer base get the most out of your material, it also allows you to access a new set of data. With this release, you will be able to see the behaviour patterns of your customers included in the customer activity timeline.

Customer detail page

With this update, we are also releasing a completely redesigned customer detail page. The new design is optimised for greater information density and at the same time provide better geographical and behavioural information while at the same time provide full support history including third-party apps as Zendesk Tickets.

Layerise - June 2020 Customer Detail page

Release date

Over the next few days, this update will be rolled out. All features mentioned in this update will be available for any Layerise plan. As always, if you have any questions or need help please reach out.