March '20 Product Announcements

March '20 Product Announcements

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During a period of a global health crisis, where nearly everyone around the globe is impacted by the COVID-19 epidemic in one way or the other, we here at Layerise want to send our warmest thoughts to you and your loved ones. Stay safe and healthy.

As an end to March, we are bringing our regular monthly product update. This month we have focused on advancing on our goal of providing a broad set of customer insights yet also actionable insights. Additionally, this update includes general performance enhancements and an introduction to the product overview page.

Have you noticed our new branding? More about our new branding philosophy below.

Advanced Customer Insights

Customer data and thereby customer insights are an essential part of providing the best post-sales product experiences. Whether it is product onboarding, how-to highlights/videos or customer support, having the right understanding of customer language preferences, demographic, product usage, product issues are all essential components in delivering the best product experience at any customer moment of engagement.

Layerise - Customer Detail Thumbnail

With the advanced customer insights that we are releasing, you are now able to get a full customer overview including new data points as language preferences and current geolocation. You can access this data by going to a specific customer page. Moreover, any Product Assistant will utilise the same data automatically to provide better and faster content upon customer request.

Product Overview Page

Enabling your customers to find your Product Assistants for a long-range of products can be done in many ways. However, one feature that has been requested many times has been the ability to display all available Product Assistants on an aggregated page that can be shared but also included on your own domains.

Layerise - Product Assistant List

As evident to the image above, we are now releasing a single page Product Assistant overview. The overview page will only showcase your published Product Assistants and will allow your customers to search for content across all Assistants directly from the overview page. While the search results will be displayed on the overview page, engaging with the results will take the user to the individual Product Assistant. Customers can also access the individual Product Assistants by clicking on the product that they are seeking.

Finally, access to the Product Assistant overview page is made available through your Layerise account and sharing the overview page on social media, community forums, knowledge base destinations or including it on your domains can be done with ease.

General enhancements

During March we have also been releasing several enhancements in the background. While some updates have been aimed at generic reliability and speed performance enhancements of the Product Assistant, a few customer experience enhancements have also been released:

  • Better bandwidth detection for faster content delivery. Especially important in limited to unstable bandwidth areas.

  • The signup/login token SMS is delivered within 3 sec.

Our new identity

Layerise has evolved a lot since our inception. Our service and product has undergone many iterations and represents today a sophisticated feature set. During this time we have grown and matured and with that evolution, our values and philosophies have also become more solid. With this in mind, we are now ready to introduce the new Layerise identity. Read our full update here.

Release date

We will be rolling out this release over the next few days. All features covered in this update will be available for Free and Paid plans. As always, if you have any questions or need help, please reach out.