Next-gen Assistant - Our biggest update to date

Next-gen Assistant - Our biggest update to date

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At Layerise, we want our clients to have complete control over how their customers experience their brand and products. This is a fundamental goal for us and is also the reason why this product update is our biggest update to date. We are once again pushing the boundaries of post-sales solutions even further. For this release, we are releasing tons of new exciting solutions, improved features, and completely new ways of creating content and Assistants.

Next-generation Assistant

Our business model is based on the premise of great post-sales/after-sales experience provided with powerful Product Assistants. We are therefore super excited to share the next-gen Assistant with you.

With this update, you will be able to create Assistants that are much more powerful, unique, feature-rich, and even easier to use. Besides, we have spent a lot of time and effort planning our vision of what a Product Assistant should be and how it should behave and operate. With this in mind, we have rebuilt the majority of the Assistant making it our most powerful Assistant ever.

Introduction Home

Radical new look and feel

The first major change is the radical new look and feel. Here we are introducing a complete new HOME, with a layout that is more visual and which provides a playful design layout. Also, to be able to provide easier and simplified navigation the new Assistant will include an updated navigation flow.

Component based design

With the component design layout you can now create unique experiences every time. There is no predefined grid or layout. You are the master of your creation. This also means that you are in complete control of what kind of Assistant you would like to provide to your customers.

Layout freedom

As evident from the examples above you can provide Assistants with complete customized experiences. This allows you to sometimes focus on technical documentation or guidance, and other times be more visually guiding.

Component library

With the component layout, we are also introducing a large list of different platform and editorial components. We have designed every component with a different purpose and each component can be configured in multiple ways.

The list of components will constantly be extended and might even differ from Assistant to Assistant depending on the product category. Over the next couple of months, we plan to release new components monthly and are looking forward to getting your input and feedback.

Product registration

The product registration component helps your customers to claim ownership of the product. When the customer interacts with the product registration component they will be sent to the product registration flow.


You can use the video component to promote and show your videos. The video gives you the ability to showcase videos to impact certain parts of the customer journey you seek to establish whether that is educational, brand building, instructions, etc.

Featured Topics & Highlights

Certain Topics or Highlights are more important than others. This can be true when you have important information you want to share or in the case when you have certain content that you want your customers to be exposed to. Promote as many Topics or Highlights as you wish by customizing each in your preferred way.

Carbon offset

For every Product Assistant, you provide to your customers, you are becoming more environmentally friendly. Your transition away from conventional dirty solutions as print, ink, and paper, which have a substantial ecological footprint, can now be measured and shared with your customers.

Carbon offset

With a carbon offsetting solution like our Product Assistant, you are not only able to provide better post-sales/after-sales solutions, you are also providing your customers with solutions that they expect are more environmentally friendly.


The product certifications or product qualifications that your products have passed can now be shared more prominently. With the Certification component, you can display any certification or qualification to your customers. Moreover, you can connect the Certification component to any Highlight or Topic for more details if necessary.


With this release, we are also releasing Warranties which can be added to an Assistant by using the Warranty component. The Warranty component allows your customers to easily fetch their product warranty information.

Warranty detail page

A deeper introduction to Warranties and how to manage and configure each warranty is available below.


With the Reminder component, you can give your customers a quick glance over the state of their urgent and upcoming activities. Also, the Reminder card is a great way of nudging your customers to perform certain educational and self-service activities.

New navigation

The new Assistant introduces a new navigation architecture that is more simple and provides a clear navigation pattern. Also, with the new navigation, we are now introducing Collections which will house your Highlights and Topics.

Introduction Navigation

Introducing the Assistant creator

With this release, we are completely changing the way you create Assistants. Instead of having to switch between Products and the Experience Editor, we have decided to consolidate the Assistant creation flow into one intuitive and powerful Assistant creator.

Create your Assistant quickly

We have spent a lot of energy and time in coming up with an advanced creator that is extremely user-friendly. Moreover, we do not want you to spend unnecessary time with activities that we otherwise could automatize and create much easier, hence with the new Assistant creator you can create a Product, an Assistant, and a Language with one click.

Assistant creator

Product categories

Categorize your products into 814 categories. Yeah, you read right - you can now add your products to a category. This is extremely helpful when you are tracking products across different categories. At the same time for every categorization you do, your Assistants will be grouped in the respective category for your customers.


Now you can use templates to create your Assistants even faster. You can use any previously created Assistant as a template. In more detail, you can create an Assistant based on a specific Assistant language.

Home & Collections

Another major change introduced in this release is the Home and Collection features Until this point, you have only been able to create powerful content collections. Now we are introducing the ability for you to create a playful and completely customizable Home section for any Assistant.

Home and Collections

As shown above, you can easily change between your Home configuration and your content located in the Collections. Use the toggle to at any point switch between the two.

Drag and drop layout

While the familiarity of the Collections remains the same, the introduction of Home also introduces more playful ways of creating unique experiences. As shown below you can now create a complete Assistant by just dragging and dropping components directly from the library.

Drag components

Furthermore, as evident to the above, each component added to the layout provides a set of configuration options. The configuration options and the behavior of the component is dependent on whether the selected component is a Platform or an Editorial component.

Example of Platform components

  • Product registration

  • Warranty

  • Reminder

  • Carbon footprint

  • Product rating and feedback

Example of Editorial components

  • Video

  • Featured Topic

  • Featured Highlight

  • Certification

Finally, while the Platform components can only be used once on a given Home layout, the Editorial components can be used as many times as needed. Placing the component is easy and fast. Drag, or reposition the component, by placing it in an empty component slot.

Warranty management

A feature that has been requested a lot has been the ability to provide and manage warranties. We have been working on this feature for some time, and are happy to include it in this release.


Enabling a warranty allows you to provide your customers with product specific and customer unique warranties. In other words, for each customer product registration, you can issue a warranty detailing product-specific and customer unique data.

Country control and dynamic values

With each warranty, you create you have the ability to adapt the geographical applicability. Here you can set the geographical control very granularly, meaning country by country level, or very broadly at the continental level.

Warranty sidebar

Furthermore, instead of creating a warranty for each product, which is time-consuming and redundant, you can now create one warranty declaration and select the products you wish the warranty should be valid for. Here, you can utilize the powerful dynamic values that empower you to create one warranty that dynamically would adapt dependent to each product.

Thank you for your support!

All features covered in this release are rolling out starting on March 8th and are made available in your account this week. Moreover, all features will be available for all marketed plans.

As always, do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or need a helping hand.