October '19 Product Announcements

October '19 Product Announcements

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For the final October product update, we will introduce several major Product Assistant enhancements. It's no secret that we have been burning the midnight oil, to further progress on our aim to provide you with the best solutions and experiences. Since the initial release, and throughout our different stages of platform growth, we have been tracking and measuring the performance of a large number of key performance indicators. As the platform usage readily increased over the last 8 months, we have mapped and discovered several improvements and opportunities. This update will, therefore, focus on some of the enhancements while others will be released during November 2019.


New Assistant Look and Feel

To help you give your customers the best possible product experience we are ready with a long list of improvements as we are rolling out the Gen 2 Product Assistant. While we have received incredible amounts of positive feedback for our Gen 1 assistants, the Gen 2 takes the user interface, user experience, amount of features, mobile-friendliness and utility value to a whole new level.

Bottom Navigation for Optimal UX

The first thing you will notice is that we have changed the way customers navigate through the Product Assistant. Over the last many months, we have been tracking and measuring the navigation behaviour and comparing the results for top vs. bottom navigation. As evident to the comfort heatmap of customers one-hand reach below, it is essential that important top-navigational and frequently-accessed areas or features are placed within or as close as possible at any time to the green comfort zone. This is essential as it allows the customer to navigate with comfort using the thumb.

comfort heatmap2

In addition to the repositioning of the main navigation to the bottom, we also focused on increasing the navigational overview and fluidity, while at the same time give the user a native mobile app experience. We achieved the navigational improvements by concentrating on:

  • Visiable and well-structured

    . We used as few navigational options as possible, that remain in the same position throughout the navigational journey.

  • Easy to understand and use

    . The navigational bar is easy to scan and understand across languages. At the same time, navigational buttons are large and can be easily tapped.

  • Consistant

    . We used recognisable icons consistently throughout the navigation.

Context Product Card

We are adding a contextual product card to always provide the product context. Moreover, the product card will show different information depending on its usage. As evident below, the product card displays:

  • Product name

  • Product image

  • Registration status

  • Registration quantity

  • Ownership details

Product card

Note that the product card will differ depending on if the customer has logged-in/out and if they have registered the product.

Improved Highlight and Topics Design

We tracked and analysed millions of highlight and topic views across different assistant layouts, phone screen resolutions, languages and customer behaviours. We have concluded that we can improve the readability, experience and consumption by improving the design. With the Gen 2 Assistant, customers will now experience improved topic content readability and a better overview of highlights with a redesigned progress bar, chapters overview, better video/image quality and improved loading speed.


Add and Remove Product Registrations

With this update, we are also rolling out the opportunity for customers to add or remove product registrations. This is done from the new customer profile.

To add an additional product registration, a customer can easily click on "Add a new product" which in return will allows them to select an available product from the same workspace (to add more products to your workspace click here).

To remove a product registration a customer needs to click on the "more" menu on the product registration card available in the customer profile. Here they will have the option to delete the product registration.

Other changes

For Product Assistant Gen 2 release, all sections and screens have been rebuilt from the ground up. This has been an important task as we want to ensure an even better, faster, more secure and mobile native experience.

Other noticeable but minor changes:

  • The language selector is now moved from the footer (footer is deprecated in Gen 2) and is placed as the last element on Home

  • UI and UX changes in Registration and Login flow

  • Customer can now add their profile avatar

  • Improved UI on Customer Profile Settings

  • Improved Dialog composer

Important to know

The Gen 2 Product Assistant is rolling out globally Friday the 1st of November 2019 and will be available for all products on Free and Paid plans.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be pushing out several new awesome features for the Product Assistant that increases the product longivity, decreses product breakdowns and helps customers conduct scheduled maintenance actions. But until then it's everything we have for now. If you have any questions or need help, please reach out.