September '19 Product Announcements

September '19 Product Announcements

Product Updates ·

Since our last update, we have spent some time reflecting on several UI decision we have made earlier. It is important for us to develop the UI at a constant and same rate as we bring new features and improvements to the platform. Over the last couple of weeks, we have silently pushed a large variety of UI enhancements centred around easier navigation, less redundancy and better information architecture. Remember to download the Layerise Admin PWA and get instant updates.

Is there anything else?

Indeed there is. In parallel with the UI enhancements, we have been working on the ability to archive and unarchive Products and Experiences. This feature has been highly requested as it allows for a more sophisticated product and experience management.

archive product

Archiving and unarchiving Products or Experiences is very easy. First, from today you will notice three new tabs on the Product and Experience section. These tabs will help you sort between material that is archived and unarchived. Second, to archive visit a Product or Experience page. Her you will find an Archive button which does the trick.

Important to know

Archived Products will no longer have an active Assistant, will be disconnected from any Experience and will no longer be available for new Experiences. In a similar fashion, archiving an Experience will disconnect the experience from the Assistant. Both the Product and Experience can at any time be unarchived if needed.

We might have another update coming at the end of this month, but until then it's everything we have for now. If you have any questions or need help, please reach out.