Transform Customer Experience with Layerise's Web Widget

Transform Customer Experience with Layerise's Web Widget

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Today marks another significant milestone in our journey of innovation at Layerise. As the landscape of customer interaction continuously evolves, not just keeping pace, but staying ahead, becomes imperative. In our commitment to relentlessly enhance your product experience, we're thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking extension to our suite of solutions – the Layerise Web Widget.

Born from the synergy of our ongoing dialogues with you and your invaluable feedback, this newest addition is far more than a mere tool, as the Web Widget is a strategic enabler, designed to seamlessly dovetail with our existing QR code registration system. It represents not just our response to the diverse digital behaviours of customers but a significant leap forward in fostering deeper, more meaningful customer connections.

A dual registration method that caters to all customers

The Web Widget is a strategic response to the nuanced needs of your customer base. Consider the scenarios where QR codes, might not be accessible. For example, in cases of second-hand purchases, gifts, or older products that didn't initially feature a QR code, customers are often left without a direct channel to connect with your brand. This is precisely where the Web Widget proves invaluable.

Imagine a customer who receives one of your products as a gift. They're delighted with the item but lack the QR code that typically comes with a new purchase. Or consider a second-hand buyer who's keen to engage with your brand but has no QR code to scan. In these instances, the Web Widget offers a seamless alternative. By simply visiting your website – perhaps while browsing for accessories or seeking product information – these customers can easily register their product. This process not only captures crucial customer data but also integrates these consumers into your customer club, fostering a sense of belonging and loyalty.

Transform Customer Experience with Layerise's Web Widget

Furthermore, the Web Widget is a proactive solution for customers who prefer digital interactions over physical ones. While a QR code requires a physical starting point – the Widget caters to those who are already online, enhancing their experience without needing them to switch contexts. This dual registration method doesn’t just cast a wider net for customer engagement; it builds a bridge across the digital divide, ensuring that every customer, regardless of their point of purchase or manner of acquisition, has a direct line to your brand. In doing so, it strengthens customer bonds and reinforces their journey with your brand, ultimately enriching the customer experience and solidifying their loyalty.

Immediate benefits

The Web Widget stands out as a uniquely immediate and adaptable solution for customer engagement, distinct from the logistical timelines associated with QR codes. QR codes, while effective, are bound by physical constraints – they need to be manufactured, shipped, and attached to products, which inherently delays their availability to the end customer. In contrast, the Web Widget transcends these limitations. It can be implemented on your website in mere minutes, offering an instant avenue for customer data collection. This immediacy ensures that your brand isn't held back by manufacturing or shipping timelines; you start engaging with customers and gathering valuable data right away, even as QR codes are still en route.

Also, consider the practicality of the Web Widget in scenarios where QR codes face challenges. QR codes can get damaged, may require updates, or might not function properly due to various unforeseen issues. The Web Widget, however, remains a constant, reliable presence on your website, unaffected by such physical limitations.

Moreover, the Web Widget serves as an effective soft conversion channel, particularly on e-commerce pages. It gently nudges visitors towards engaging with your brand, offering them tangible benefits such as extended warranties or exclusive content in exchange for registration. This approach is especially powerful for converting bounced visitors into known customers. For instance, a visitor who previously purchased a product but left the website without engaging further can be enticed to register their product via the Widget. This not only helps in identifying previously anonymous customers but also opens direct marketing channels to them. Such soft conversions are instrumental in building a robust customer database and fostering long-term relationships.

Transform Customer Experience with Layerise's Web Widget

Effortless integration

The Layerise Web Widget seamlessly integrates into your website, offering a fluid and intuitive registration process. It's a perfect fit for brands seeking to expand their digital footprint without overhauling their current setup, and seeking to utilise what they have already created with Layerise. Here’s what makes the Web Widget a standout choice:

  • Out-of-the-box experience: The Web Widget taps into your current Layerise account, automatically syncing with your existing styling and product offerings. This feature ensures a cohesive brand experience across all customer touchpoints.

  • Effortless customer verification: Streamlining the registration process, the Web Widget authenticates customers automatically, eliminating the need for the traditional 4-digit code authentication. This simplification enhances the user experience, making it more fluid and inviting.

  • Assured compliance: During registration, customers consent to your Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, ensuring that your data collection is transparent and compliant with regulatory standards.

  • Instant data collection: Seamlessly collect and access valuable customer interaction data directly from your Layerise Dashboard. This immediate insight allows for quick analysis and response to customer behaviors and preferences.

  • Seamless integration: Implementing the Web Widget is as easy as it gets. Simply insert the provided JavaScript code before the </body> tag on your website, and the widget becomes a natural extension of your webpage.

Other updates

In this latest release, alongside the introduction of the Web Widget, we're excited to announce significant enhancements to our integration with Zapier. These updates are designed to offer you more flexibility and greater control in automating workflows and syncing data. By expanding the range of events that can be fetched through Zapier, we're ensuring that your interactions with customers are more dynamic and data-driven. Here’s a look at the new events you can now leverage:

  • New customer event: Every time a new customer registers through the Layerise platform, this event is triggered, capturing the moment of authorization. This allows you to seamlessly integrate new customer information into your existing CRM systems or marketing automation tools, ensuring that no opportunity for engagement is missed.

  • Customer update event: Keep your records up-to-date effortlessly. Whenever a customer updates their profile, this event sends the information straight to your chosen platforms. This feature is particularly useful for maintaining accurate customer databases and personalizing your marketing efforts.

  • New registration event: This event is triggered upon the completion of a new product registration. It’s a vital tool for tracking the customer journey and understanding product popularity and user demographics, thereby enabling more targeted product development and marketing strategies.

  • Registration update event: Stay informed with real-time updates. Whenever there’s a change in a registration, such as an update in the serial number or proof of purchase, this event ensures that your systems are immediately updated. This level of detail is crucial for warranty management, customer service, and inventory tracking.

  • New diary event: Capture in-depth customer insights with every finalized diary record. This event provides a window into how customers are interacting with your products over time. By analyzing these diary entries, you can gain valuable feedback that can inform product improvements and customer support strategies.

These enhancements to our Zapier integration are part of our ongoing commitment to provide you with powerful tools that streamline your processes and enrich your understanding of your customer base. By automating these critical touchpoints, you can focus more on strategic initiatives and less on manual data handling, driving efficiency and effectiveness across your customer engagement efforts.

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Features covered in this release roll out second week of December 2023 and are available for all plans. If you don't have access or want a personal walkthrough demo, please

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