Unlock Verification with Serial Numbers

Unlock Verification with Serial Numbers

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We're excited to announce several updates to our platform, where we continue to deliver on our commitment to make your experiences more seamless, and your brand control more robust. We've got two new features to discuss that will help you maintain the authenticity of your customer registrations, and also allow you to further customise your Assistant to match your unique brand identity. Let's get started!

Introducing Serial Number Validation

Ensuring every product registration is genuine is a fundamental requirement for your business. It's about knowing your customers, validating their purchases, and delivering a smooth and accurate after-sales service. This is why we're thrilled to introduce our latest feature: Serial Number Validation.

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Designed to strengthen your product verification capabilities, Serial Number Validation gives you a reliable method to authenticate your customer's product ownership. Each of your products has a unique serial number - an ID that verifies its authenticity. This unique number is valuable in numerous ways:

  • Authenticate Ownership: Ensure the customer has purchased a genuine product from your brand.

  • Track Products: Monitor the number of registered products and prevent counterfeit sales.

  • Personalized Customer Experience: Provide personalized service by linking specific customers to their specific product models.

  • Efficient Warranty Management: Makes warranty claims and tracking easier and more reliable.

  • Combat Theft: Stolen products can be traced and identified more effectively.

  • Product Recalls: Makes managing recalls simpler, by accurately identifying affected products.

  • Quality Control: Enables tracking of product issues back to manufacturing batches.

  • Customer Loyalty: Shows customers that you value authenticity and their investment in your brand.

  • Marketing Insights: Get better insights into product popularity and customer buying patterns.

When you upload a list of serial numbers, Layerise takes care of the rest by automatically matching the Serial Numbers with SKUs, even if done retroactively. This seamless integration guarantees an efficient and reliable validation of product ownership, offering you the peace of mind that comes with dependable product tracking.

Deliver a More Personalized Assistant Experience with Custom Fonts

Our commitment to helping you deliver a more personalized experience to your customers doesn't stop at Serial Number Validation. We're also introducing Custom Fonts, a feature that lets you express your brand's unique style more authentically.

Layerise - Custom Font Image

With Custom Fonts, your brand's voice can truly shine in the precise font that mirrors your brand identity, drawing your customers closer and creating a sense of familiarity and recognition. Consistency is the heart of successful branding. By incorporating your unique brand fonts into your Assistants, you create a uniform thread that connects your website, printed materials, and Assistants. This consistency reinforces your brand's personality, allowing your content to resonate more effectively with your customers.

Thank you for the support

We believe that these new features - Serial Number Validation and Custom Fonts - will greatly enhance your control over your brand and the customer experience. We're excited to see how you leverage these new features to drive your brand forward.

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