Customer Brand Loyalty: What Apple has, that You Don't!

Customer Brand Loyalty: What Apple has, that You Don't!

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"You can't just ask customers what they want and then try to give it to them. By the time you get it built, they'll want something new."

  • Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder

For years, Apple has held its rank as the most valuable brand in the world. Its market capitalization reached $3 trillion in 2022, more than what Amazon and Google made that year. From iPod to iPhone and introducing smart gadgets like iPad, Mac, AirPods, AirTag, and Apple Watch, Apple never fails to surprise its fanbase. Each Apple product is designed in a way that fits our culture.

Apple has improved its devices' security system, ensuring its end user's data and communications remain safe. In December 2022, the brand launched three advanced security features to protect cloud data, iMessage Contact Key Verification, Security Keys for Apple ID, and Advanced Data Protection for iCloud. Their continuous effort to provide a seamless experience to consumers makes them stand out of the crowd.

According to Statista, Apple made a brand value of $947 billion in 2022 and stood first in the world's top brands list beating Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. Most of its revenue is driven by iPhone sales, and the company's long-lasting success is because of its customers' loyalty. Their global revenue touched $274.5 billion in 2020 and $365 billion in 2021. The pandemic couldn't mar the success streak at Apple.

Does Apple have strong customer loyalty?

Absolutely, Apple's customer loyalty is remarkably robust. In 2021, their brand loyalty among consumers soared to an impressive peak of 90.5%, underlining the deep connection and unwavering devotion customers have toward the brand.

How does Apple satisfy their customer needs?

Apple was not the first brand to invent personal computers, tablets, smartphones, portable music devices, etc., but it is still the most successful brand in the world; why? 

The company has adopted a consumer behavior marketing approach and made massive changes. Let us learn about what they did to create value in the mind of modern customers.

It is more challenging to retain existing customers than to acquire new ones. To retain your old customers, you must cultivate loyalty, and Apple is doing the same. Here are a few reasons why Apple stays in the mind of modern customers.

They maintain consistency

Apple is good at maintaining consistency. The brand updates itself to match the current market trend, but such changes maintain the look, tone, and feel of its brand message.

Whenever an advert from Apple appears on your TV, you understand it's a new launch from Apple, even when the branding doesn't pop up until the end. This consistency is maintained on every marketing channel, ensuring consumers have a familiar experience across all touchpoints and channels.

They are constantly evolving

Companies need to evolve to meet their audiences' changing preferences constantly. Whenever an Apple new product is in the market, customers go crazy looking for new and developed technology and updated functionalities. With every launch of the iPhone, Apple brings in something new and fresh that makes customers stick to the brand in the search for something new and unique.

This idea has been instilled since the time of Jobs; they don't wait for consumers to make a demand. They provide something new even before it can be thought of. This is what makes Apple a pioneering and revolutionary brand.

They make consumers feel good

Take a survey, and you'll find consumers love Apple because they feel special and valued by the brand. Apple conducts consumer behavior surveys to understand their preferences and launch products that can solve existing issues.

Brand marketing is a powerful tool that oozes lifestyle, innovation, compassion, and style into the customer experience. When purchasing an Apple product, you become a member of its exclusive club, sharing and representing the same ideas for which the brand stands in the market.

Apple always speaks a powerful story with innovative website designs, stylish and creative advertisements, and sleek product designs.

They do not just sell a product; they sell experience.

They are leaders in the technology industry

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, says, " We do the right thing, even when it's not easy." One sentence and it has the power to gain the trust of billions around the world.

Apple offers a range of products and services to its consumers. You have technology in your pocket, in your body, opening the hotel room door, paying your purchase, monitoring movements, watching you sleep, taking your pulse, calculating calories, and more. All these are integrated together, forming the new Apple ecosystem. The brand turned our whole world into a ubiquitous computer.

Apple focuses on relieving purchasing anxiety

Customers are afraid of purchasing an expensive or unique product in the thought of whether it will work or not. Apple helps neutralize this anxiety with its excellent customer service.

The company offers a 1-year warranty on all of its products. They repair the product at no extra cost or replace them with a free product in case of any malfunction during the warranty period.

The vast network of Apple retail stores around every corner of the world makes it feel less risky to consumers. People can easily report to a local Apple store for product support. Furthermore, they can also rely on Apple-authorized service providers and Apple Repair Centers.

The brand has also launched the Apple Support App, which offers personalized access to solutions for all products and services. And Apple's Support Page is also helpful to people.

Apple has spoiled its consumers by providing self-servicing options, and it helps empower users.

Apple is insanely obsessed with attention to details

Any individual will love a brand producing quality and reliable products. If you search on Google about Apple's attention to detail, you will find thousands of articles talking about the insane obsession of the brand with details.

A small example can be how the product is packaged. You won't receive a product with standard cardboard packaging; instead, the designer spends hours creating unique packaging for consumers. It ensures people enjoy a sensory experience while buying and opening an Apple product.

The power of simplicity attracts all

Steve Jobs, the former CEO of Apple, said: "That's been one of my mantras - focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple." This mantra is carried forward by the present CEO. Simple is enjoyable!

For instance, you can use your Apple ID to access all Apple services, which is simpler than keeping track of different IDs for respective services. Also, if you are working on a MacBook, you can finish it on iPad.

Apple understands consumers are looking for a seamless experience across devices, and they are working hard to provide the best customer experience.

If you notice the omnichannel support of Apple, you see the brand allows you to get in touch with the support team through live chat, telephone conversation, or email, besides their support on Twitter and YouTube channels.

Apple focuses on consumer value over money

Apple, under Steve Jobs, never intended to make big numbers; instead, it focused on consumer preferences and making the best products.

According to research by Deloitte and Touche, companies focusing on their consumers are 60% more profitable than those focusing on making money.

Yes, this strategy from two college dropouts, the founders of Apple, has made the brand rank higher than any other big names in the market.

10 Lessons we can learn from Apple

If you were to pose the question to individuals as to why they desire an Apple iPhone, their responses wouldn't typically revolve around a laundry list of technical specifications like dual SIM functionality, a high-megapixel camera, or the substantial RAM capacity.

Instead, the overwhelming sentiment expressed is that they seek an iPhone primarily because of its association with Apple itself. This unique phenomenon underscores the extraordinary power and influence that a brand can wield over consumer choices, transcending the realm of mere products.

Intriguingly, Apple has masterfully cultivated a brand identity that eclipses the traditional paradigms of product marketing. It has achieved a remarkable feat – transforming the act of owning an iPhone into a statement, an embodiment of a lifestyle, an emblem of distinction.

This phenomenon goes beyond tangible attributes; it encapsulates intangibles such as prestige, innovation, and a sense of belonging to a global community of like-minded individuals.

There are multiple lessons to learn from this renowned brand. Some are listed below:

1. Put emotions into building brand loyalty

Steve Jobs said: "The chance to make a memory is the essence of brand marketing."

Every brand campaign must build an emotional connection with its audience instead of only marketing the product to bolster the ROI—a brand shines when it creates a positive emotional resonance within customers.

Apple, in the mid-1990s, had low brand recognition and a poor reputation. However, under Steve Jobs's leadership, the brand launched an advertising campaign that featured the passion and conviction of surviving and bygone heroes who have altered the world in a significant way. It created an emotional response in the viewers, and the company spread out a message of their passion for launching new and innovative products in the market.

2. Define the identity you want to communicate

A company needs to understand who they are to establish a brand identity.

Defining the identity you want to communicate is a pivotal step in crafting a compelling and consistent brand image. Just as individuals have unique personalities, companies possess distinct traits that shape their essence. This process involves delving into the company's core values, mission, vision, and culture, which collectively contribute to the brand's persona.

Apple masterfully exemplifies how aligning branding and marketing messages with a clear identity can yield unparalleled success. Apple's sleek designs, innovative technology, and emphasis on user experience effectively convey their identity as a cutting-edge and customer-centric brand.

3. Be consistent in brand communications

If you lack consistency in branding, mission statement, tone, and feel, consumers will start losing trust and creating distance. Apple teaches every brand must create a unique and creative logo that speaks about the brand and stick to it.

Today, customers interact through multiple channels; thus, the brand identity should be the same across all channels. 

4. Differentiate yourself from the competition

Apple focused on innovation and customer experience that made it stand out of the crowd. People are ready to pay any amount for Apple products and services as they trust the brand and enjoy their substantive difference.

Similarly, businesses must set uniqueness and focus on good branding, including asking fair prices for products and services and communicating with consumers.

5. Find your niche or create a new niche

Apple started by launching its personal computers, similar to Microsoft and other companies. After dominating this niche for years, the company lost its marketing tactics in the 1990s, and its revenue fell. Apple solved this problem by creating its image as an industry-leading personal computing brand and creating a new niche, including digital music and smartphones.

6. Look from the consumer's point of view

Steve Jobs didn't like the concept of focus groups; instead, he preferred putting himself in the customer's shoes and thinking about what he would want from the company.

It has always been Apple's strength to design products and improve the concepts taken from others. They implemented excellent ideas more relevant to consumer needs than the original concept.

Every business must understand who its customers are and what they want. Once you know your consumer preferences, you can develop innovative solutions.

7. Recruit talents suitable for your brand

Recruiting hundreds of employees in a company is unnecessary, but a few talented people can bring success. Apple employs some of the best talents globally in its team, from marketing to R&D and even its product designing section.

8. Don't follow others, take the lead

There were several smartphone-producing brands in the market when Apple entered the field. Instead of chasing behind the companies and looking into what they were doing, Steve Jobs' team launched a new concept of creating its own operating system and adding the first touch screen.

You must be aware of your competitors but spend your energy and effort focusing on your strengths to open new doors.

9. Focus on building relationships with customers

Every business must build good relationships with its customers. Apple has focused on this area to develop a loyal consumer base. Whenever a person buys anything from Apple, they know the brand can be blindly trusted, making the company one of the most successful.

Apple's customers are its true advocates. In its latest iPhone marketing campaign, they have used pictures clicked by iPhone users as advertisements on billboards and hoardings.

10. Don't be afraid of failure

Look into Steve Jobs's career, and you will get the motivation to stand strong after failure. Any business can come to the point of failure, but without breaking down, you must maintain your hunger for success. When one door closes, several others can open; you just need to find the right key.

How Layerise can help you boost loyalty

We understand how important your customers are, and Layerise creates an interface to boost your customer experience and make them feel valued and connected.

Layerise adds a layer between the product and the digital world. We ensure to make your products come alive and strive for a future where products are more used, sustainable, and customer-centric.

We help you create interactive, beautiful, effective, and powerful highlights. You can convey a story using captions, images, gifs, or videos. All of these help your customer get information about your brand and its offerings. With Layerise, you can easily import material and create standardized content much faster using component-based editing.

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What do we do for your customer satisfaction?

Chat: We provide real-time customer support with contextual customer data collected from demographics to product models and maintenance schema.

Localization: We provide customer support in 140 languages worldwide. It makes them feel comfortable asking their queries and understanding solutions, thus developing a good bond.

Customer data: Layerise collect customer data on your behalf, and you get to know them better, understand their preferences, and launch products and services that meet their requirements. We collect data and store it securely while complying with privacy laws.

Smart marketing strategy: Layerise target your potential customers at each touch point for better conversion. Thus, generating leads in your business in an intelligent way.

Get insights: We collect your customer feedback, comments, taggings, testimonials, etc., from different platforms and help you improve the overall work process. Layerise shares this information on multiple channels and boosts customer trust.

Layerise implements the best strategies to improve your customer experience and help you develop a loyal client base. Customers are easily onboarded through a QR code scan method; in the future, all customer interactions with the brand will help us create the customer profile. This insight gives us an idea about your customer's preferences, allowing us to cross-sell and upsell your products easily.

You don't need to spend hours replying to repetitive questions. We create self-service video highlights to help ease the load on customer care representatives, who can deal with more severe issues.

At Layerise, we care about your reputation, and generating loyal customers for you gives us pleasure and motivation to work hard.


Apple has been the top technology brand in the world for several years and will continue to lead with its strategy and innovative ideas. You can read its success stories and understand the basic requirements to be a top brand. However, it is not necessary to walk in their footsteps, create your own path and your goals, take risks, be unique, and introduce yourself in an all-new form to the world.

Taking a brand to the top is a hurdle, and if satisfying your customer is getting complicated, partner with Layerise. We help you boost customer experience and retain them in your business for an extended period.